Church Volunteer Accused Of Three Decades Of Sanduskism

A former Joshua Tree elementary school “white” teacher and local church volunteer was jailed after admitting that he has been molesting boys, perhaps since the early 1980s.

Caleb Douglas Hesse, 52, disclosed the crimes to a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy on Wednesday, and may have engaged in homo sex with boys “as recently as one week ago,” according to a statement released by the Sheriff’s Department.

Hesse the sissy until recently was a first-grade teacher at Friendly Hills Elementary School in Joshua Tree, and also served as a youth volunteer with the Evangelical Free Church in Yucca Valley, officials said. As a church volunteer, he was involved in a number of overnight outings with kids throughout California, according to authorities.

Investigators said they currently are trying to identify victims of the abuse, and that they believe most of them may have been involved with the church youth group. Some of the victims may now be 30 to 40 years old, detectives said.

Hesse was arrested on suspicion of committing a lewd and lascivious act with a boy under 14, and is being held at the Morongo Basin Jail in lieu of $2.5-million bail. Arraignment in his case is scheduled for Friday afternoon in Morono Valley.

No words about the racial classifications of the victims.

Sexual Terrorist Arrested

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office is holding a sexual terrorist from Pace after witnesses saw him masturbating in public on two separate occasions.

51-year-old David Hair, of 5536 Windrun Place, was being held in Santa Rosa County Jail on $3,000 bond.

The “white” freak was spotted July 30 at his home, sitting inside the open front door, naked and jerking off. When a sheriff’s deputy arrived, he saw Hair doing the same shit.

When Hair saw the deputy, he ran from view and put on clothes. When he was asked why he was masturbating in plain view, the “white” savage reportedly answered he didn’t know why and it “was stupid.”

Well I know why! This is how creatures who classify themselves as “white” get down. It’s their culture and I got evidence! Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D, HELL! I could go through the whole damn alphabet!

Anyway, a warrant was filed. Meanwhile, Hair was spotted on Aug. 7 at his house standing in front of a window. Again, he was nude and masturbating. The caller said they had seen him doing that “for the past few days.”

When deputies arrived they saw Hair run from view. He told them he “has a problem” and likes to masturbate while watching outside.

Hair was arrested on two counts of indecent exposure. In my opinion they should charge him with terrorism.

Bald Headed Beast Accused Of Having Photos Of Nude Children

A former “white” teacher and Union County Sheriff’s Office special deputy was arrested Thursday for possessing nude images of children.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office said that that it was alerted to the case after Todd German, 50, resigned from the Delaware Area Career Center in March.

When he resigned, investigators said that a flash drive containing images of naked children was found in his desk.

The bald pedophile was suspended from his role as a special deputy with the Union County Sheriff’s Office after a search warrant was issued for his home. He resigned about an hour after being suspended.

German has been with the sheriff’s office since June 1983.

“He served as a dispatcher, he served as a corrections officer, he also served as a special deputy, which is a volunteer role,” said Chief Deputy Tom Morgan of the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

Morgan said that his office was shocked to hear about the allegations.

“We were shocked, dismayed about the allegations,” Morgan said. The results of the search warrant were not immediately released.

German was being held in the Delaware County Jail. Investigators said that additional charges could be filed.

A Cyclops Rapes A 9-Year-Old Girl

This monstrosity from greek mythology is accused of savagely raping a girl over a period of eight years. The Warren County Grand Jury indicted 44 year old Mathew Harries on charges of gross sexual imposition, rape and importuning.

According to investigators Harries began sexually terrorizing a 9-year-old girl in July 2004 and the whitemare continued through March of this year. The girl finally came forward and told her mother that Harries had been touching her improperly and digitally penetrated her twice.

The various charges could land him a sentence of more than 38 years in prison, if he is convicted. Harries is currently caged.

Demon repeatedly stabs sleeping mother in neck

A 23-year-old luciferian repeatedly stabbed her own mother in the neck as she lay in her bed early early in the morning, then fled from the home, says the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies arrested the missing daughter, identified as Amanda Lee Bassell, at an abandoned house at Grand Mound later in the day.

The drama unfolded Sunday May 20th just before 4:30 a.m. when the mother, a 42-year-old Rochester woman, awakened as she was being attacked by her diabolical “white” daughter, said Lt. Greg Elwin, spokesman for the Thurston County sheriff.

During the attack, the mother was stabbed in and around the neck multiple times, Elwin said.

The mother was finally able to fend off her daughter and flee the bedroom – only to collapse in another area of the house. Meanwhile, the luciferian left the house and she was gone when deputies and medics arrived.

The victim is now in stable condition at Providence St. Peter Hospital and will be undergoing surgery for her injuries.

Child Porn Collector

This “white” beast has been arrested on charges of possessing child pornography on two computers involving 600 child sexual abuse images of very young boys and girls.

Roy Joseph Moore, 22, had the largest known collection of child pornography in Louisiana, according to Authorities.

Moore was booked February 15th with possession of pornography after LSP detectives and the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at his home on Daniel Drive in Violet and found two computers containing the images of child sexual abuse.

Moore, who shamelessly admitted to searching for and collecting child pornography, is being held at St. Bernard Parish Prison on a $32,500 bond. Detectives said the investigation is continuing and the total number of photos found is expected to go higher.