Jabba The Hutt Charged With Exposing Its Genitals On Bus Bench

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A 400-pound “white” creature was arrested in June after being found by law enforcers sitting in the buff on a bus bench in Fort Lauderdale, officers said

Patricia McCollum, 52, was charged with exposure of sexual organs in public and was initially being held on a $100 bond. McCollum has a long record list of petty offenses,

according to court documents.

White Mother Who Castrated Her Five Weeks Old Son Sentenced To 99-Years in Jail

Five years ago, five-week-old Holden Gothia was sleeping inside the suburban Houston apartment he shared with his parents when his genitals was cut-off by his own “white” mother who was high on drugs.

Being a typical lying “white” sack of shit, Katherine Nadal claimed the family dog tore off her son’s genitals but a jury found her guilty and she was sentenced to 99 years in prison in August 2009.

Doctors said the victim faced years of surgeries and counselling but, today, the boy acts like a typical five-year-old, playing football, singing and running around with his older brothers.

He has had a number of medical issues and has undergone surgery on his left foot after his mother’s attack left him with a severed artery, but, for now, Holden is unaware of the true extent of his injuries.

‘I think in his mind, genitals are something he gets when he gets older and the response to that comment is, “you’re exactly right, you will, when you’re older,” which is not untrue,’ Patches DeShazo, his paternal aunt and legal guardian.

‘The physical part can be fixed, it’s the emotional part that I do worry about the most,’ she added.

To raise money for Holden’s future reconstructive surgery and his growing medical expenses, the ‘Heroes for Holden Foundation’ held a benefit concert on June 10. Last year, the same gig raised more than $240,000.

Holden, who played the drums at the event, was excited about the party, even though he did not know why it was being held.

The boy lost half the blood in his nine pound body during the mutilation but his severed body parts were never found.

I bet that “white” witch ate them.

‘[He has] a lot of scar tissue, he looks as though he’s been severely burned in the genital area, so it’s that type of scar tissue,’ DeShazo said.

Authorities say his mother, who had prior drug arrests, tested positive for cocaine, methadone and Xanax after the attack.

After Nadal’s sentence was announced, DeShazo read a victim impact statement in the courtroom.

‘I am thankful by the time you are eligible for parole you will be beyond childbearing years. It makes me crazy to this very day to hear you say I did not hurt him,’ DeShazo said, according to the Associated Press.

Her remarks prompted Nadal to yell back from the table where she sat with her defense attorneys: ‘I failed him. I did not hurt him.’

The boy’s father, Camden Gothia, who has regular contact with his son, then stood up and yelled to Nadal: ‘You abused him when he was in the womb,’ a reference to Nadal having taken drugs when she was pregnant with Holden.

The great news is that this “white” witch prevented that child from becoming a child molester and to reproduce another “white” creature when he grows up.  Thank you witch! Now if you could only die in jail that would be great.

Scallywag Exposes Her Genitals In Pompano Beach

A 35-year-old blond beast was arrested after stripping down at a Pompano Beach intersection and exposing her filthy “white” genitals.

Tracy Mabb was charged with exposing sexual organs in public and was being held in jail Wednesday on a $600 bond.

In my opinion that honkey-tonk witch should be charged with terrorism.

 She was also being held on a prior petit theft offense that allegedly took place April 8, according to Broward County court records.

Mabb began peeling off clothes while standing in the 800 block of South Dixie Highway about 5:40 p.m. Tuesday, according to a Broward Sheriff’s Office report.

She pulled her long shirt up in front of drivers and pedestrians and exposed her entire body, including her breasts, vagina and flat ass, in a “complete vulgar and indecent manner,” the report said.

She refused to put her shirt down and said, “I don’t give a fuck” about her actions, the report said.