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Pedophile’s Lawyers Sent Threatening Letter To Silence Victim – Allowing Him To Sexually Terrorize More Children

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A pedophile was allowed to continue abusing children after his lawyers sent a threatening letter to silence one of his victims. Gary Rolph, 50, repeatedly raped the young teenager over two years, threatening to hurt her mother if she told anyone about the whitemarish abuse. Five years after her ordeal, the victim reported the diabolical…

Yurugu Guilty Of Raping A One-Day-Old Baby Boy


*Hat Tip: Calolo This homosexual/pedophile has been convicted of raping a one-day-old baby boy and two other young children. Stuart Young preyed on the children between November 2008 and December 2013 at various locations in Edinburgh. The High Court in Edinburgh heard the attacks on the one-day-old boy continued until he was aged three months. A jury convicted…