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Pastor And Teacher Arrested On Child Porn Charges


A white pastor and a white teacher were arrested after an FBI-led task force found both barbarians from Georgia downloaded child pornography, authorities said. Bruce Fehr, 54, and Zachary Giebner, 33, were charged with sexual exploitation of children after authorities searched their homes Wednesday, according to reports. The Georgia Child Exploitation Task Force had been investigating…

White Monsters Savagely Raped And Abused Babies And Live-Streamed it To The Internet


A pedophile network in the H.Q. of pedophilia, the U.K., consisting of at least seven white beasts has been convicted of horrible crimes against children, including a small baby. Prosecutors claimed, and were able to prove, that the savages pictured above abused and arranged for the abuse of at least three children, all pre-school age or lower,…

Child Porn Charges For 911 Dispatcher And Online Friend

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 7.35.41 PM

The investigation into Jason Cortese, a Greece 911 operator facing various child porn charges, has led to the arrest of an ogress in another Rochester suburb, who shamelessly swapped horrible images with him, according to reports. Megan McDonald, of Irondequoit, was charged Thursday with production, distribution and possession of naked pictures showing a 4-year-old girl and…

Whorish Teacher Takes The Virginity Of A Student

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This ratchet 27-year-old Louisiana teacher apologized to cops for the “mistake” she made in “taking (a boy’s) innocence” after she was caught sexually terrorizing the 15-year-old freshman, law enforcement officials said. Amber Anderson admitted she’d exchanged naked texts and later raped the Baton Rouge teen, now 17, during a summer fling in July and August of 2013, according to…

White Pedophile Molested 7 Children Just 18 Months After Psychologists Gave Him A Second Chance And Helped Him Get Released From Prison

Michael Shepard

A serial pedophile in Florida has been arrested for molesting at least seven young children in his apartment complex just 18 months after he was released from prison by officials who voted to give him a second chance. Michael Shepard, 35, conned parents into letting him babysit their kids and was frequently seen riding around…