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White Cop From The Motherland Of Pedophilia, U.K., Plotted A Diabolical Fantasy To Conceive A Baby To Rape And Abuse

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*Hat Tip: Anoni Mous A white former law enforcement officer plotted to conceive a baby – so he and other white pedophiles could rape and abuse the child. Disgraced Alexander McCracken shared vile fantasies of raping and murdering children with his then-girlfriend Sharon Campbell. And cops who raided the incestuous white pedophile’s home found hundreds of hardcore child…

Creepy Honky Arrested After Seeking Sex From Students “Playing Hooky” On Craiglist Ad

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A peckerwood from Minnesota was busted in an underage-sex sting after posting a creepy Craigslist ad looking for young truants, authorities said. “Who’s playing hooky from school today???” read the notice, published on the “Casual Encounters” section of the site. Donald Tisdale, 58, was cruising for a child sex partner, but he landed a date…

White Substitute Teacher Accused Of Child Sex Crimes After High School Officials Find Child Porn On His Thumb Drive

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Authorities in Phoenix have charged a high school substitute teacher with five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor after Cortez High School officials say they discovered child pornography on a thumb drive he left in a classroom. Phoenix cops arrested Greg Paul Parr, 49, on Friday, a day after school administrators at the public high…

White Rapist Of A 13-Year-Old Faces Life In Prison After A Guilty Verdict

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A violent sexual terrorist was convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl while threatening her with scissors during a disturbingly similar assault to ones that had previously gotten him sent to prison, prosecutors said Thursday. A Brooklyn jury found Bennett Castello, 42, guilty of the barbaric April 2013 attack in the laundry room of a Gravesend building…

White Financial Aid Director For A Community College Accused Of Offering Scholarships For Sex

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The financial aid director for a community college in northern Idaho, who was accused of offering scholarships to students in exchange for sex, is no longer employed at the school, its president said on Thursday. Idaho cops on Wednesday arrested Joseph Bekken, 36, the head of financial aid for North Idaho College, on suspicion of procurement…

Incestuous White Pedophile Jailed For Only 17-Years For Repeatedly Raping His 5-Year-Old Granddaughter

alen burrows

This sex terrorist from Lydiate who abused his granddaughter while telling her his depraved behavior is normal was jailed for ONLY 17 years on Tuesday, February 4th. Alen Burrows of Withens Road,repeatedly assaulted her and was described as being like “a child in a sweet shop.” The incestuous pedophile, 64, was charged with more than 20 sexual crimes on…