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The Smurfette

  The following creature is very dangerous. It’s mission is to sexually abuse Afrikan children and convert them into homosexuals. It goes by the codename: SMURFETTE. Do not let your kids near this beast.

The European Poke-a-man 0

The European Poke-a-man

The European being the cultural vampire that he is came up with his own version of the Pokemon. (Japanese anime series for children)       This is Pikachu the main character of the...

The Afropean 2

The Afropean

Homosexuality is a European culture. Being European is de facto being homosexual. People who classify themselves as “white” are practicing racism/white supremacy in all areas of people activity including: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law,...

White People’s Medicine 1

White People’s Medicine

  The European is definitely on a misson to homosexualize the world. People who classify themselves as “white” are making Gay History “Mandatory” in California.   Click here to read more.

Scary Spice 0

Scary Spice

Remember the story about the University of New Mexico football player who was arrested at a San Francisco airport for his sagging pants, right? Now do you remember Scary Spice illustrated in the picture...

Happy Happy Joy Joy Boy 0

Happy Happy Joy Joy Boy

The message this “white” beast apparently wants to get across to anyone who dares gaze upon his shiny ugly forehead is clear. According to the Shasta County Jail, Patrick Francis Brooks is being held without...

White Fashion 1

White Fashion

  This atrocity was designed by the Brutish, British homosexual designer who was known as Alexander McQueen. People who classify themselves as “white” call this the mankini.

A White Man’s Little Pony 0

A White Man’s Little Pony

A 62-year-old “white” man, known as John Robert Mester, from Michigan is in police custody after being caught on video having anti-sexual intercourse with a horse. Mester the horse molester is accused of crossing...

PedoBeast 0


The  savage on the picture is known as Joel Bradley Simpson. This creature who is classified as “white” was charged with a felony count of possessing child pornography and a misdemeanor count of performing...