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They Molested A Dog And A Child 2

They Molested A Dog And A Child

These two white “freaks” are from the area of the world known as the United Kingdom. They have been sentenced to jail after they were found guilty of practicing bestiality and child molestation. Tracy...

Colorado Sheriff Bends Over For Meth 0

Colorado Sheriff Bends Over For Meth

*Hat Tip: Sweetcakes Franklin  A former Colorado sheriff was arrested Tuesday on charges of attempting to trade crystal meth for homo sex.      

Casting Couch 0

Casting Couch

A “white” hollywood manager who represented child actors has been arrested on suspicion of guess what? Molesting at least one of his clients of course! Martin Weiss, 47, has been charged with eight felony...

Pedotrician 1


Law enforcement officials have arrested this “white” male a pediatrician from Georgia, charging him with possession of child pornography. Dr. Yancy Craft, 41, was arrested and charged with possession and receipt of child pornography...

Edugaytion 0


This “white” male is an English teacher, English department chairman and crew coach at the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Massachusetts. He recently has been suspended because his past came back to bite...