Cops Searching For Child Porn At A Pedophile’s House Found 50 Dead Cats In A Freezer

Douglas Westcott, who was arrested on child pornography charges Wednesday by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, made his first appearance Thursday before a judge at the county jail on Gun Club Road.

The pedophile is being held in custody without bond.

An arrest report issued by PBSO says that in July the white degenerate placed an ad on in an effort to rent a room at his house.

A woman who was then in custody in Kentucky answered the ad and was planning to move in with her five-year-old son.

Deputies say that the woman stated that the ad read that the renter “must love cats.”

The woman, according to deputies, had her boyfriend move into the house first and then moved in later.

PBSO says that the renters thought the white savage was strange and when he went to the store they decided to snoop around.

The white pedophile’s private room had Halloween decorations and the renters discovered both adult and child porn on the bedroom floor, according to the sheriff’s office report.

They called the sheriff’s office and when deputies arrived at the house they say that they found child porn in addition to fifty dead cats in the freezer and dozens of live cats. The homosexual/pedophile was taken and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail.

White Cannibal May Have Had Sex With Corpses

dale bolinger second post

The psychopathic savage online pal of so-called New York City “Cannibal Cop” Gilberto Valle may have had sex with corpses, British authorities say.

Registered nurse Dale Bolinger, 57, was found guilty earlier this month in court of plotting to kill and eat a 14-year-old girl. But he may have taken his morbid fantasies even further.

“We checked if Bolinger had access to bodies and mortuaries,” a police source said in Britain. “He had no authorization but we can’t be sure if he entered the mortuary or got access to bodies without anyone knowing.”

The corpse lover, also known as the “Canterbury Cannibal,” was busted in connection with an FBI investigation into the former NYPD detective Valle’s grisly plot to kidnap, cook and eat women.

The father-of-three Bolinger bought an axe before writing to the 14-year-old girl, according to reports. “I’ve got the cleaver and the experience. Really want to do it? I would want to have your body afterwards for food …”

The white degenerate told the court he bought the axe so he could cut down trees and that he never intended to follow through on the whitemarish fantasies.

Valle was also convicted of using the Internet in a sick plan to eat women, including his wife. He also claimed his messages were just fantasy and a Manhattan federal court judge threw out the convictions after Valle had served nearly two years.

Diabolical Pedophile Jimmy Savile Raped Dead Bodies Too


British TV star Jimmy Savile raped children and adults entrusted to the care of two mental hospitals in a gruesome, decades-long reign of sexual terrorism.

Britain’s Department of Health apologized Thursday for “wholly inadequate procedures” that allowed the former BBC celebrity to be a manager at Broadmoor high-security hospital, where patients, staff and minors reported being sexually attacked by the diabolical white pedophile.

A detailed report issued Thursday showed Savile’s victims ranged in age from 5 to 75. The results followed the investigation of two institutions, Broadmoor and Leeds, where the sex terrorist had free access Britain’s The Guardian reported.
At Leeds, he told hospital workers he photographed himself in lewd positions with corpses in the morgue, and removed glass eyeballs from bodies and made them into rings, the report said.

At Broadmoor, beginning in 1968 and continuing for three decades, the evil sex terrorist assaulted male and female staff and patients, the report said. He also watched female patients taking off their clothes to bathe and repeatedly assaulted one of his victims.

The reported abuse wasn’t taken seriously, the investigation showed, and Savile only stopped visiting the institution in 2004 when a new security system was installed.

The diabolical Savile was a famous disc jockey and presenter on the BBC’s “Top of the Pops” show who had been knighted.

He died at age 84 in October 2011, one year after allegations he had sexually terrorized children were broadcast in a TV documentary.

Those accounts prompted more than 100 people to come forward, saying there were assaulted by the blond pedophile at hospitals, mental institutions and convalescent homes.

At Leeds, the report found, more than 60 people said they were assaulted by Savile in hospital wards, elevators, corridors, in offices and at his mother’s house.

Brutish Savages Filmed Themselves Having Sex Next To A Rotting Corpse


Kirsty Edmondson, 23, and boyfriend Christopher Sawyers, 35, savagely  killed Kenneth Chapman for money before fucking around next to his body.

A court heard how they took selfies on their mobile phones as “trophy photos” and even had sex in Chapman’s bed while living with the corpse for up to a WEEK.

Their barbaric crime took an even more twisted turn when the pair are said to have texted the victim’s sister, pretending to be the murder victim and asking if she would lend him £75.

The prosecution also said that the pair stole his TV and computer and raided his bank account in a string of online frauds.

Tony Cross QC said: “They treated Kenneth Chapman’s home and property as their exclusive preserve.

”In the 15 days between the death of Mr Chapman and the discovery of his body these two defendants began to steal what they could from him – his TV, computer and from his bank account to purchase goods using a variety of different fraudulent methods.”

‘”They even texting his sister pretending to be him to borrow money. These were callous and despicable actions.”

“They began within hours of Kenneth Chapman’s death and continued for days as the two defendants lived in the flat carrying on their lives while Mr Chapman lay dead.”

kenneth chapman


“So twisted were their actions that they even took selfies of them enjoying themselves in the very same room as the cadaver.”

“They took ‘selfies’ in the very room where he lay rotting. These photos are trophy photos – two people proud of their work.”

“They had sex in his bed and filmed it. They stole and committed fraud.”

“Attempts were made to order goods via Amazon, top up mobile phones and pay forged cheques into Sawyers’ bank account.”

“This was how they lived their lives – using his home, car and property as their own.”

“They did so because as Christopher Sawyers was later to tell witnesses – he wanted to ‘off’ him. To kill him. To end his life.”

After Chapman’s murder, Sawyers then showed one of the photos to his friends saying: ”Look at this. I will show you a photo of a corpse.”

kirsty the hoe


Cops were called in and found Chapman dead at his flat in Eccles, Greater Manchester with tests showing he had been injected with a lethal dose of heroin.

Manchester Crown Court was told Sawyers had realized there was ”money to be made out of murder” after he got away with killing a former accountant with the same drug – 17 months before Chapman’s death.

Former soldier Chapman met Edmondson after he lost his job and went to prison, eventually becoming embroiled in the drugs scene and associating with call girls for company.

He made £18,000 from the sale of his house and moved into rented accommodation and was believed to be contemplating a permanent move back to Scotland after visiting his family over Christmas last year.

But after he met up with Edmondson and Sawyers in December 2013 the three of them are said to have back to his flat where they took drugs.

When Chapman fell unconscious he was administered with a lethal dose.

Mr Cross claimed that Sawyers and Edmondson were in a relationship and “acting together” out of “necessity”.

He said: ”They were in a relationship and they were acting together both before and after the murder.”

“What is clear is that Sawyers and Edmondson injected Chapman with a large dose of heroin, despite his comatose and intoxicated state, and they did so without his consent.”

“They did so because as Christopher Sawyers was later to tell witnesses – he wanted to ‘off’ him. To kill him. To end his life.”

Less than an hour after Mr Chapman is believed to have been killed, the pair were caught on CCTV driving around Salford in his car where they also attempted to withdraw £100 from his bank account.

Later on New Year’s Eve the diabolical savages went to the house of a friend who noticed that Edmondson had a ‘terrible cut’ on her arm.

A woman took photos of the cut but it was at this point that Sawyers told her: “if you think that is unattractive, look at this.

“I will show you a photo of a corpse.”

The couple moved out of the property on January 3 and Mr Chapman’s body was found on January 12.

Cops later spoke to a witness who said she had overheard overheard Sawyers talking to Edmondson about Chapman saying: “We can’t keep taking him for bits, we need to see him off. This is taking too long, we need to OD him.”

A Home Office pathologist later revealed that the morphine concentration in Chapman’s body was the highest he had ever encountered in deaths from misuse of heroin.

The court heard Sawyer was also responsible for the death of former accountant Peter Clark, 60, who also drifted in the Manchester drugs scene.

He was arrested by cops at the time and questioned, but no further action was taken against him.

Both Sawyers and Edmondson deny murdering Chapman, while Sawyers has also pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of Mr Clark.

Luciferian Murdered A Woman And Ate Part Of Her Corpse


New information is emerging after an hairy barbarian was charged with murdering a woman over the weekend in a rural part of Coffee County.

Sheriff Steve Graves said 37-year-old Gregory Scott Hale is charged with first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse in connection with the death, which occurred at Hale’s residence on Pete Sain Road in the Summitville area.

Officials say the victim has been identified as Lisa Marie Hyder of DeKalb County.

“Lisa was a sweet girl, very pretty girl. I can’t believe anyone would want to do that to her,” said friend Vicki Keenan.

Graves said deputies learned about the murder on Sunday night and said the white savage was attempting to get help disposing of the body.

Some of the details of the discovery were so gruesome, even the assistant district attorney couldn’t talk about them Monday.

“We are very early in the investigation. The officers were out late last night into the early hours of the morning gathering information,” said Assistant DA Marla Holloway.

According to an affidavit, the diabolical white beast admitted to the murder. He told investigators he dismembered Hyder’s body and buried her torso in a burn pile at his home. He also admitted to eating part of the victim after murdering her.

“I think they’re very sick people that’s what I think. I think anybody that would do that to somebody, they’re very sick and do need help,” Keenan said. Need help?? Motherfucker this hairy honk needs to be put down!

Anyway, there are some disturbing posts on the savage’s Facebook page. Back in February, he posted a tribute and goodbye to serial killer Richard Ramirez who had recently died.

In April, he jokingly asked his followers a question about becoming a cannibal.

And there were also photos of him wearing a mask and holding what appears to be a long blade with a bone as a handle.

Sheriff’s officials received a tip that the death happened on or about Friday.

Several neighbors described the white killer as a sick man, and one even called him a devil worshiper, something authorities are also hearing.

“We will certainly be looking into everything that we’re hearing. As you can imagine the things that you’re hearing are the same things that we’re hearing,” Holloway said.

Word on the street is that this diabolical cannibal once worked at a meat processing plant in the Hillsboro community in Coffee County. Sources who knew him say this peckerwood would take home bones, blood and eyeballs of animals from the plant.

“That’s terrible. It’s got to be a very sick mind to do something like that,” Keenan said.

The hairy cannibal is jailed on $1.5 million bond and is due in court on June 23.

Scallywag Luciferian Miranda Barbour Says Death Penalty Is Too Inhumane And Cruel For Her White Ass

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miranda barbour

The Craigslist “white”  murderer, who says she notched up victims on the handle of her favourite knife, begs to be spared lethal injection

Teenage satanist serial killer Miranda Barbour has notched up as many as 100 victims, but says she should be spared the death penalty because it is too “inhumane”.

The 19-year-old Craigslist murderer – who admits wiping out between 22 and 100 victims over six years – is now begging to be spared lethal injection because she says execution is a “cruel and inhumane punishment”.

Her lawyers have filed papers saying: “The criminal justice system is fallible… subjecting inappropriate persons to the death penalty”.

The self-confessed “white” killer claims she had a favourite knife and added notches to the handle every time she murdered another victim found on the online classified ad site Craigslist.

But investigators have not said whether they have found the knife, which would confirm her whitemarish story.

The newlywed scallywag, who is being compared to the serial killer in TV show Dexter because she claims she only killed “bad people,” confessed to the staggering death toll when she was pressed for her total number of victims.

In a prison cell confession, the honkstress, arrested along with her husband, said she adopted a murderous alter ego called Super Miranda whenever she committed one of her thrill killings.

The luciferian claimed she joined a satanic cult aged just 13 in the town of North Pole, Alaska, and spent her teenage years on a nationwide murder spree.

Investigators believe she had encounters with at least 30 men she met via the internet after offering herself as a “companion”.

She and husband, Elytte Barbour, 22, face several charges including murder. Both have pleaded not guilty.

The barbaric Barbours are accused of luring Troy LaFerrara, 42, through an internet Craigslist ad and stabbing and strangling him to death on November 11, 2013 in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. If convicted in that state, both would face lethal injection.

The couple, married for only three weeks at the time of the slaying, just wanted to kill for fun, cops said.

Elytte Barbour told investigators at the time that he and his wife had tried to kill others, but the plans didn’t work out.

But in an interview she said: “When I hit 22, I stopped counting. I can pinpoint on a map where you can find them.”

Investigators are now pouring over her sordid internet encounters that Barbour and her husband organized for cash in the months prior to her arrest while they lived in Dunn, North Carolina.

He said his ugly wife regularly hired herself out as a ‘companion’ from £30 to £600 an hour to men she met on various meet-up websites.

He said he did not mind this because there was no sexual contact between his wife and her clients.

He said at the time: “She is not a prostitute.

“What she does is meet men who have broken marriages or have no one in their lives, and she meets with them and has delightful conversation.”

According to her prison interview, she joined the satanic sect as a young girl in the town, which is in the Fairbanks North Star Borough of Alaska and has a population of 2,210.

Claiming to have been sexually abused at the age of four, the scallywag said that she only killed “bad people” and was brought up in the cult by a man she would not identify.

Yurugu Visited Necrophilia Websites Before Killing His Next-Door Neighbor


stephen mcdaniel

An apparent trove of recently unearthed computer data hints at accused dismemberment killer Stephen McDaniel’s sexual curiosities and, perhaps more damning, Internet searches that may link him to his victim.

The necrophiliac savage visited websites about violent sex acts and intercourse with dead people, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

The luciferian also viewed Lauren Giddings’ Facebook page and appeared to research a device similar to the burglar bar that Giddings used to secure her apartment door, the source said.

Giddings’ torso was discovered June 30, 2011, in a trash can outside the Georgia Avenue apartments where she and McDaniel lived. The 27-year-old’s other remains have not been found.

McDaniel, Giddings’ now 28-year-old Mercer University law school classmate and next-door neighbor, is charged with her murder.

In a Friday hearing, lawyers for the diabolical necrophiliac argued that prosecutors should be required to disclose which of the thousands of websites McDaniel visited will be mentioned during his trial.

A final GBI forensics report detailing what was found on McDaniel’s computer has not been completed.

Bibb County Superior Court Judge Howard Simms said the trial, which had been scheduled to begin Feb. 3, will be postponed due to the volume of new computer evidence. A new trial date has not been set.

In court Friday, prosecutors revealed snippets of the diabolical savage’s Internet activity, including his visiting websites about gynophagia, sexual arousal from seeing someone eaten.

At a Monday hearing, a prosecutor told of an Internet search query that the GBI had discovered on McDaniel’s Dell laptop worded “molest … sleeping girl.”

District Attorney David Cooke, in responding to claims that the defense was being inundated with “mountains” of eleventh hour computer evidence, said his office had been pointing out topics of note in the GBI’s extensive report as prosecutors came across it.

Giddings was last seen alive, at least by anyone close to her, on June 25, 2011. In court Friday, Cooke mentioned gynophagia as having been looked up on the white beast’s laptop computer “around the 22nd.”

Cooke then added that “yesterday I called up (one of McDaniel’s defense attorneys) Mr. (Franklin) Hogue and said, ‘You might want to look up the story of ‘The Three Apples,’ an ‘Arabian Nights’ story about the dismemberment of a woman done in order to hide her murder.”

Cooke said he isn’t sure yet which of the websites McDaniel visited or typed web-search queries for that the state plans to bring up at trial.

The DA did, however, say the defense can expect prosecutors to introduce some of the websites, “particularly the ones that show the condition of a body very similar to the way Miss Giddings’ body was found.”

Simms told prosecutors and McDaniel’s legal team, which now includes four lawyers, to come to an agreement about sharing information about the computer data.

The judge explained that the raft of newly discovered computer evidence leaves no choice but to postpone the trial.

Simms said he thinks the evidence on McDaniel’s computer may have gone undetected because the GBI didn’t get around to scouring it until late last year.

“This started out as a death penalty case. Somebody somewhere assumed, ‘We’ve got plenty of time,’” the judge said. “And over the course of this two and a half years, what should have been done didn’t get done.”

The judge also granted a motion filed by The Telegraph’s lawyer seeking to quash the defense’s attempts to obtain unpublished Telegraph photos taken outside the apartments.

Under state law, news photographers’ photos are protected from disclosure by reporters’ privilege.

The judge did order that The Telegraph make published photos available for prosecutors and McDaniel’s lawyers.

Hogue said he was seeking access to the unpublished photos because they might be relevant to show whether the crime scene was secure and if any strangers were present in the days after Giddings’ torso was found.

The judge has yet to rule on whether he will grant a motion filed by McDaniel’s lawyers requesting that Giddings’ family be banned from wearing pink, her signature color, during the trial.