A Cynical Look At The White Race

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White Diabolical Ogress Accused Of Serial Child Sex Abuse

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A Kingsport monster has been arrested for systematic sexual abuse of three juvenile family members in Maryland, with more than 100 incidents believed to have occurred over a period of 15 years. Sharon Marriott, 52, of Robertson Street, was taken into custody on Aug. 6 by Kingsport police and booked into the Sullivan County jail. This…

White On White Crime: Yurugu Who Killed, Robbed 2 Honks Posed His Victims In “Sexually Explicit Fashion”

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A peckerwood from Georgia who robbed and killed two teenagers behind a grocery store earlier this month admitted to sexually abusing one of his victims before posing her dead body in a “sexually explicit fashion,” a bloodcurdling autopsy report and court proceedings revealed. Jeffrey Hazelwood, 20, fatally shot Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis, both 17,…

White Pedophile Who Googled Child Beheading Videos Is Spared Jail


An unemployed Essex pedophile who scoured the web for videos of children being beheaded and asked chat room users for sexual abuse videos has been spared jail. Nathan Smith’s internet activity was first spotted by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP), part of the National Crime Agency. They discovered messages posted on a chat…

White On White Crime: Luciferian Kills A Woman Before Eating Waffles Then Has Sex With The Corpse


Sheriff Chris Nocco says a monster accused of killing a Maine tourist had sex with the woman’s corpse. The body of 52-year-old Judith Therianos of Maine was found in a wooded area near 6633 U.S. Highway 19 on April 7. Therianos had not been seen since March 14. Timothy Johnson, 25, is now facing premeditated murder charges.   According…

Yurugu Had Sex With His Girlfriend’s Severed Head While Wearing Her Dress


A punk rocker named “Pussy” has been found insane after he decapitated his girlfriend then had sex with her severed head while wearing her dress. According to Russian news outlets, 23-year-old Aleksandr U. was once the member of the punk rock band the Easy Riders. His bandmates kicked him out after learning he had a…

Yurugu Mutilated 21 Vaginas And Stored Clitorises In Freezer

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*Hat Tip: Cynical Princess This monster accused of severing the vaginas of 21 women, including his wife’s, and storing parts in the freezer appeared in a South African court Wednesday. Peter Frederiksen, a Denmark native living in Bloemfontein, South Africa, was greeted by women activists from the African National Congress in a form of protest ahead of…