Author: Cynical Afrikan

Miss Piggy 6

Miss Piggy

Piggy, Piggy, Piggy can’t you see?♫ Sometimes your shape just terrorize me And you disgust me in every way Piggy, Piggy I don’t wanna play. ♪

Fight Club 0

Fight Club

The 35-year-old suspected racist/white supremacist known as Gary Johnson has been charged with refereeing a fight between his son and another teen, then beating the teen after his son loses the fight. Enforcement officials ...

Take That, You Nigger! 1

Take That, You Nigger!

People who classify themselves as “white” have been promoting violence against Afrikans in video games for years. The following video is the intro for Street Fighter II. That game is considered to be a...

Divide And Rule 2

Divide And Rule

The following illustration shows us how people who classify themselves as “white” are able to maintain their global terroristic system of racism/white supremacy. While non-white people are busy fighting among themselves, the real enemy...