White Males At An Australian University Drink From Each Other’s Penises

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White students at an Australian university have been caught participating in a grotesque college initiation ritual involving drinking alcohol from their peers’ penises.

An annual ‘Lad’s Weekend’ for new and old students of University of Newcastle’s Evatt House was said to involve white male college-goers participating in a variety of diabolical drinking practices.

Most notable being white male students, understood to be first years, kneeling down in front of older students and drinking from a cup made from the loose skin above their penis.

A former student has claimed that each year a large group of white men from the ‘country kid’s college’ traveled south to Melbourne for their initiation pilgrimage.

Dressed in suits purchased from thrift stores, the ‘lads’ generally embarked on the weekend away a few months after orientation week, which started on Monday.

The student told reporters white students were known to perform the homosexual rituals in open public spaces, such as Catani Gardens in St Kilda, where few things were considered ‘off limits’.

A former ‘lad’ revealed that each new student was ‘assigned’ a returning student prior to the weekend away, whereby ‘the returning student essentially treats their fresher like shit’.

We treat you like shit and next year you get to treat someone else like shit. It’s a sick cycle,’ he told reporters.

Among ‘penis drinking’ rituals, which were understood to have been ongoing since 2014, was several other degrading practices forced onto new students.

Another involves ‘freshers’ wearing dog collars and having to drink water from dog bowls outside cafes, as well as receiving embarrassing shaved hair cuts.

In one instance, a white male would need to drink alcohol being poured down someone’s shaven scalp, and another they would be forced to drink from the spinning wheel of a bin.

The former student also told reporters that an ongoing Evatt House tradition involved pairs of students racing to finish 24 beers, and drinking their own vomit to stay in the competition.

University of Newcastle said safety of its students was a top priority and it took ‘any reports of inappropriate behavior very seriously’.

‘The University claims to be appalled at the behavior displayed in these images, and the footage which we understand was taken in Melbourne some years ago,’ a spokesperson told reporters.

‘The University takes all allegations of student misconduct seriously and act swiftly to remove offensive behaviour from our campuses where it is reported.

‘As well as the education and preventative measures, students found to have behaved in this way are subject to severe penalties.’

End Rape On Campus Australia said it was ‘problematic’ that these rituals often took advantage of vulnerable junior students.

‘Those which involve sexual contact are completely unacceptable and have the potential to become unlawful, especially if a student is ever pressured, forced or coerced into participating,’ director,Sharna Bremner said.

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