White Parents Arrested After 3 Children Found Living In A Box

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A white father whose three children were found living inside a wooden BOX in the middle of the Californian desert seemed baffled after being charged with child cruelty.

Daniel Panico, 73, appeared in court alongside the children’s mother Mona Kirk, 51, on Friday where they pleaded not guilty to three counts of felony child abuse.

During a brief court appearance, the pensioner – who was pictured smirking – said: “I am wondering why all this is happening.”

Officers stumbled across the kid’s vile living conditions in Joshua Tree, California, earlier this week when mounds of trash, old toys and furniture caught their attention.

The youngsters – aged 14, 13 and 11 – were found in squalid conditions inside a large, rectangular box, made of plywood and measuring about 20ft by 10ft and 4ft tall.

Cops also discovered around up to 40 cats “roaming freely”, along with piles of rubbish and faeces from both humans and felines inside several walls of the property.

Kirk would sleep alongside the children in the ramshackle dwelling, which has no running water, bathrooms or electricity, according to Cindy Bachman, spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

She said their father slept either in a trailer on the property with dozens of cats or in another vehicle.

Describing the box – located about 130 miles from Los Angeles – the spokeswoman said: “They were scraps of plywood that were put together and then they had a tarp over it to keep out the rain.”

Inside, blankets were strewn everywhere and chairs were used to try to hold up the tarp ceiling.

A makeshift kitchen was littered with empty bottles with cans of corn, peas and soup stacked on wooden shelves.

The children didn’t appear to have any obvious injuries and showed no outward signs of malnutrition but were undergoing medical evaluations, authorities said.

Ms Bachman said: “It was apparent they had not bathed in days. There was no running water, no electricity, no bathroom facilities.”

She said the children were not enrolled in public school and deputies are still investigating whether they were considered enrolled in a homeschool, though there is no evidence they were educated.

Detectives believe the family lost their home at some point and has been living on the dirt lot for about four years.

Initially, the whole family was living in the trailer and they later built the plywood dwelling, according to police.

Temperatures in the desert community regularly reach over 37C (100F) during the summer and can drop well below freezing during very windy winter nights.

Ms Bachman said: “They range from 20-30 (-6C to -1C) degrees at night or even lower depending on the wind chill.

“The temperatures were very cold and they were basically living outdoors. There was no indoors for them.”

The parents denied abusing their children when they appeared in brief court hearing on Friday and were held on $300,000 bail.

The children were taken into custody of the Children and Family Services.

Officers confirmed the children were not being held captive in a confined space, but that the family had been homeless.

Capt. Trevis Newport of the Sheriff’s Morongo Basin Station said the children, who weren’t enrolled in a school, were “in good spirits”.

It comes just weeks after another California couple — David Turpin, 57, and wife Louise – were charged with torture and child endangerment for keeping their 13 children captive and shackled inside their suburban home.

The disturbing discovery was made after their 17-year-old daughter broke free and told the cops.

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