Kevin Spacey’s Brother Randy Fowler Says The Actor Is “worse” Than Their Nazi Rapist Dad And Accuses The Star Of Having A “Creepy” Relationship With Their Mom

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Kevin Spacey’s brother Randy Fowler has published a book about his harrowing childhood

THE brother of Kevin Spacey claims the shamed Hollywood star is “worse” than their Nazi rapist father and also accuses him of having a “creepy” relationship with their mother in a bombshell new book.

Randy Fowler also reveals how he almost killed their abusive and racist dad – who he nicknamed The Creature for his inhuman behaviour – after he had raped Randy over 50 times when he was only 14.

The book was published just weeks after Oscar-winning Spacey faced a slew of sex allegations from men – some of who were only teenagers at the time of the alleged assaults.

Now in Randy’s first interview since the explosive book came out the 62-year-old, told The Sun Online: “I heard Kevin checked himself into some sex addiction clinic – well excuse me but you’re in the wrong building. It’s far more serious than that.

“Kevin was a king on his throne but he has now been dethroned by all these allegations; taking advantage of people using his wealth and power.

“All my life I thought I had protected Kevin from my father and it turns out it’s all for nothing because he’s worse than my father, The Creature.

Randy, a Rod Stewart lookalike, says his famous brother needs to accept what he has done and get help
Randy was sexually abused by their father from the age of 14

“He’s worse because he had wealth and power and with that you get influence.

“The first few chapters of my book slice Kevin a thousands cuts but this is the truth. This is how child abuse affects people and if Kevin doesn’t like it too bad.”

In the book, entitled A Moment In Time, Randy documents years of abuse in which his Nazi-sympathizing father Thomas Fowler beat him, whipped him and emotionally abused him from the age of 6 before he started sexually assaulting him at age 14.

“He would push me up against the wall and sodomize me,” he said.

“My mother would be banging on the door saying ‘What’s going on in there?’

“And he’d have his hand on my neck telling me to shut up and she’d just walk away.

Pedophile Dad Thomas Fowler was a Nazi sympathizer who sexually and physically abused Randy as a child
Randy says his brother had a ‘creepy’ relationship with their mother

“This was happening two or three times a week.

“I always thought I saved my brother from him but since all these allegations have come out against him I have started to wonder whether he was abused too.

“But seeing as though he never speaks to me I’ll probably never know.”

One of Randy’s most painful memories in the book is from summer 1968, when at aged 14 he reached his breaking point and almost killed his father with a gun.

He said: “All of a sudden I’m stuck upstairs and I hear the Creature’s voice shouting me and I started panicking for my life.

“By then I was 14 and he’d been raping me for about a year every week, sometimes more than once so I’d probably been raped at least 50 times by then.

Randy is pictured with his mother Kathleen, sister Julie and brother Kevin in 1968
Spacey as a baby pictured with Randy and sister Julie

“I went and hid in my father’s closet and I saw this brown box with a German Luger that my father had brought back.

“I figured out how to load it and I crouched on my knees and waited, sweating like a pig and scared shitless.

“I couldn’t take any more I was drained – I had been fucked to death.

“I heard my father come up the stairs and I was shaking.

“He went to all the rooms and finally came to his but he didn’t open the closet door.

“If he would have opened the door it would have been all over. I would have pulled the trigger.

“And I’m not sure if I would have stopped at my father. Maybe my mother too. That’s a desperate act for a little boy.”

Randy, right, with Spacey, pictured together in their younger days
Spacey poses with his parents in front of a piano in this old family snap

Randy is brutally honest in the book blasting his brother as a “pathological liar” who stole his identity and was cruel to his fans.

He lists several anecdotes about their childhood which Spacey has claimed happened to him in interviews – when they actually happened to Randy.

“I dedicated a whole chapter to this in the book – he stole my identity,” Randy claims.

“He wanted everyone to think he had a troubled childhood when in actual fact he was a coddled mommy’s boy and his childhood was uneventful.

“There was the time I burnt down my sister Julie’s chicken coop by accident – he says it was him but it was me and I got a severe beating for that.

“And he claimed he broke the second lieutenant’s leg in military school after he insulted his date – again that was me who did that not him.

“I was beaten by the colonel with a paddle in front of my parents then beaten again with a whip when I got home for that.

“It might seem like nit-picking but I suffered this and it made me who I am today and my brother has no right to claim any of this stuff is his – it’s beyond belief.

“He’s a liar. It’s because his life was uneventful he was coddled by my mother and ignored by my father.

“So he’s been trying to tell the world he was a troubled child saved by theatre when in fact he was just a momma’s boy.”

Randy, pictured with Spacey, has attacked his brother
Randy, left, said his dad beat, whipped and emotionally abused him

Randy, who lives in Boise, Idaho with his partner Trish, goes on to claim Kevin had a creepy relationship with their mother Kathleen, acting clingy and jealous around her and treating her more like “a lover” than a mother.

He said that even six months prior to her death, when she was ill, he pleaded with his brother to buy him a plane ticket so he could come and see her – but he refused.

Finally just before she passed he bought a ticket for Randy to come and say his goodbyes.

“By then my mother was in a vegetative state so I never got to resolve anything or have the conversation about my abuse – Kevin stole that from me,” Randy said.

“When he finally let me come I remember I was sat next to her and he literally pushed me out of the way because he didn’t want me next to her – he was so clingy and jealous.

“You know their relationship was very strange – there have been rumors floating round the family it’s not just something I speculate on.

“She used to hang all over him like a cheap suit, it was disturbing.

“I wish my mother would have given me a tenth of that love and affection.

“If I could ask him four questions they would be ‘What went on between my mother and you? Did my father abuse you? Why did you abandon me for 40 years and lastly am I in your will?”

Spacey is pictured with his mom and dad in this old family snap
Randy, pictured, said he almost killed their abusive and racist dad

Rod Stewart lookalike Randy, who runs a limo service called Rod’s Limos, also recalls an incident where they were having dinner together and some fans approached their table and asked for autographs.

“We were all at dinner and Kevin was talking about himself and how much of a star he is – as usual – and some girls came up to me and asked me for a picture and it turned out they were visiting from Boise, Idaho and they recognized me. So I did a picture and I signed some autographs and they were very happy.

“When my brother saw that he did not like that at all. He spun his baseball cap around so you could see his face and sat there like that picture from House of Cards and started talking about himself again.

“He wasn’t pleased I was recognized and he wasn’t.

“Then a different set of women came and said ‘Ah Kevin we love your movies can we get a picture please?’ and he turned around and said ‘Can’t you fucking see I’m eating dinner? Leave me alone.’

“I’ve never seen three or four women so hurt.

“They walked away and I said ‘What is your fucking problem? If you don’t want to be bothered with the public why did you become an actor? Why did you have to be such a dick?’

‘He was like ‘Can’t they see I’m eating?’

“He didn’t care and it made me realise that this wealth and power this man has accumulated has made him very arrogant.”

Randy poses next to his brothers star in Hollywood in this old snap
The star, pictured in this old family picture, was blasted by his brother

While Randy doesn’t hold back any punches he is keen to point out that the aim of his book is not to criticise his brother – but to help other people who may have suffered child abuse.

“The whole point of the book is kick harder, scream louder scratch deeper. Somebody is going to hear you,” he explains.

“Come out from living in the shadows and break the chains of silence and shame of abuse.”

The book’s co-author and editor Bonnie Soto said: “We want to help those who have suffered like Randy has.

“We want to help survivors to find the strength to come forward and we invite anyone who wants to break their silence to contact us on Facebook or by mail – and we can help.

“I especially want people everywhere in the world to keep their radar finally tuned and report even a hint of suspicion of child abuse to the authorities.

“It means everything to stop even a minute, a second, or an hour of hell for a victim of abuse.”

And Randy’s other wish is that he can mend his fractious relationship with his brother.

Spacey is pictured with his mom after winning an Oscar

“I can help Kevin – I know what he has done and I can help, he doesn’t have to grovel, my door is always open,” he said.

“It’s tragic to see him fall from grace like he has.

“Now Kevin Spacey’s moment is over and only Kevin Fowler exists – he’s the same as me.

“We were close for many years as children and I’d love to get that back.

“If my brother wants to redeem his career he would have to make restitution with me and ask forgiveness from the public for all the stuff he has done.

“He could help me promote this book and help other victims of sexual abuse.

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