White On White Crime: Woman Raped With A Tree Branch Dies Two Years Later From Internal Injuries Resulting From The Diabolical Attack

Anna Barmina, 33, died two years after she was raped with a tree branch

A white female who was raped with a tree branch has died from internal injuries two years on from the horrifying attack.

Anna Barmina, 33, was stabbed and beaten before being dragged into bushes by Gizar Ziyangareev where she was sexually assaulted “with a broken branch”.

Doctors in Ufa, Russia, said “all her internal organs” were damaged in the attack which caused her to have a heart attack and left her in a coma.

She regained consciousness almost a year later but never spoke again as a result of the trauma.

Anna also never left her hospital bed and lost a significant amount of weight before eventually succumbing to her injuries.

She was one of four women raped in a week by Ziyangareev, who is now serving a ONLY 23-year prison sentence – the longest ever handed down for a rape in Russia.

Gizar Ziyangareev was jailed for 23 years after raping Anna – the longest sentence handed down for rape in Russia
Anna Barmina’s organs were so badly damaged it caused her to suffer a heart attack

He carried out the attacks after being released from jail for previous violent sexual attacks on a neighbor and an underage girl.

After he attacked Anna, he stole her laptop and mobile along with around £745 in cash.

Anna’s mother Natalia called him an “inhuman monster” and demanded the death penalty while local police said they had never come across such a brutal and cruel attack.

The monster recently had a month shaved off his sentence after pleading that he had three dependent children and an elderly mother who he wanted to support.

He stole Anna’s laptop and mobile along with around £745 in cash


Reports of the rape two years ago shocked Russia


Ziyangareev carried out the attacks after being released from jail for previous violent sexual attacks on a neighbour and an underage girl

After the sentencing, Natalia, who buried her daughter today, said: “I just cannot understand how the court could give such a lenient term.

“Anna will never get up, she will never speak.

“And he will get out of jail one day and continue to rape.”

Anna’s family said the reduction in his jail term, even by a month, sends out the wrong signal.

Anna, right, never spoke again after regaining consciousness a year on from the attack
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