Kevin Sorbo Details Homosexual Assault By Gianni Versace

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo has come forward with sexual assault allegations against the late Gianni Versace.

During an appearance on Adam Carolla’s podcast on Tuesday, the “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” star claimed the fashion icon made inappropriate advances toward him during a dinner party.

Sorbo alleged that while modeling in Italy in 1984, he was approached by Versace to discuss runway opportunities.

“He wanted to meet me because of my height. At 6-foot, 3-inches, he wanted me to do fashion shows with these 6-foot tall women,” Sorbo recalled

Versace then invited him to a dinner party to meet Sophia Loren and other stars, at which time their business relationship took a turn.

“All of a sudden, his hand goes up my leg,” Sorbo said. “Dude, you know I’m straight?” he allegedly asked Versace.

“This is why I like you. You’re not a girl man. You are a man’s man,” Versace reportedly replied. “In life, you must fuck everything. You must do the dog, and the cat, and the boy, and the girl.”


Sorbo remembered attempting to skirt Versace’s advances, telling him they were living two very different lifestyles and needed to “build a bridge” between them.

“The bridge was never built, and I never got the campaign,” Sorbo told Carolla. “I got four free dinners.”

The pair remained friends, however, Sorbo said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter after his podcast confession.

He claimed he appeared in a number of Versace shows, but never booked a major campaign — a fact he attributes to his rejection of Versace’s homosexual advances.

Sorbo told the publication this is not uncommon in Hollywood, nor is the type of predatory behavior he experienced.

“He booked me for his fashion shows but I never got his campaign, but I knew the game, just like I know the game of Hollywood,” he said following the interview.

“Casting couches have always been around. I don’t play that game, nor do I care to.”

Versace the faggot was shot dead outside his Miami Beach mansion in 1997.

Gianni Versace
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