Sex Bandit Carried Out Sex Attacks On Sleeping Men

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A homosexual predator was compared to a ‘vampire’ after he sexually assaulted two sleeping men after plying them with booze at his bedsit.

Eric Liveley, aged 56, of Broad Street, Worcester, had already admitted two homosexual assaults when he appeared at Worcester Crown Court via videolink from HMP Hewell to be sentenced on Friday following the attacks on January 18 this year.

Sophie Murray, prosecuting, said the faggot had struck up a friendship with one of the men who was homeless.

The man and a friend, both in their early 20s, were due to meet the sodomite at a pub but agreed instead to meet at his bedsit when he told them he had ‘booze’. They fell asleep but one of the men woke up to see the nasty faggot touching the other under the bed clothes but did not say anything, concerned the butt-bandit would ‘react negatively’.

The man who witnessed the homosexual assault then fell asleep and was himself assaulted. The faggot homosexually assaulted him while he was asleep, an attack again witnessed by the other man who called 999.

Ms Murray said: “He said ‘what are you doing?’ He (Liveley) said: ‘He’s up for it’. The man said: ‘No, he’s not up for it, he’s asleep’. He left the flat and rang police.”

Ms Murray said of the victim in the second assault: “He was horrified and felt sick and upset, his trust in this white faggot had been undermined.”

The sodomite has previous convictions for sexual activity with a child, voyeurism and taking indecent photographs, receiving a sentence of four years in prison on February 1, 2010.

Ms Murray said these relevant previous convictions were aggravating. The sodomite is already on a 99 year sexual harm prevention order.

Richard Davenport, defending, disputed the idea that the rapist had shown a significant degree of planning in the crimes and said three grown men going back to a flat for a drink ‘is what many men do’.

He also argued that the psychological damage done to one of the men was hard to gauge as he appeared to have slept throughout it.

“It’s quite unusual for a convicted sex offender to come across as quite an affable bloke but he has previously worked in the pub trade which is why he has the persona he does” said Mr Davenport.

Mr Davenport said the butt-rapist had himself suffered abuse in the past.

He added: “It’s rather like vampirism. If they get bitten they become the monster themselves.”

However, judge Abbas Mithani QC said this was not mitigation for behaving in such ‘an appalling manner’ and described the assaults as ‘dreadful’.

“You befriended them and only did so in order that you could abuse them. It’s a fallacy to think these victims would not have suffered some psychological damage as a result of what you did to them” judge Mithani said.

However, he took into account the faggot’s remorse and regret and his guilty plea at the pre-trial review.

He added: “It’s plain to me you pose a significant risk of serious harm to the public by the commission of further offenses of this nature. You are a dangerous individual.”

He could not impose an extended sentence because of the application of the sentencing guidelines but, if he did have that power, he would have no hesitation in imposing one. He jailed him for 31 months in total.

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