White On White Crime: Terrorist Who Killed Three In A Spokane High School Loved Breaking Bad

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The little white terrorist who ruthlessly killed one student when he opened fire inside a Spokane high school, loved “Breaking Bad,” and posted videos of himself brandishing guns and simulating shootings on YouTube, according to a new report.rt.

Spokane Country Sherriff’s Office deputies arrested Caleb Sharpe, 15, following Wednesday’s shooting at Freeman High School in Rockford, Wash., according to reports.

The terrorist was known for his antics on his since-shut-down YouTube channel, where he play-acted violent scenes in videos under the name Mongo Walker.

“We knew he had an assault rifle, because he uses it in his YouTube videos,” said Paul Fricke, a junior.

In one of his apparent videos uploaded to a different channel, the terrorist and his friend play act out an outdoor shootout, with the pal crouching in a Jacuzzi and the pale terrorist aiming from the side of a garage.

The white on white criminal pretends to shoot his friend who flails his arms and then falls to the ground. “Ah crap,” the killer says.

In another video, the terrorist and a friend act out a quest to take out a fictitious drug dealer while brandishing guns, one which appears to be real. And a video from last Halloween shows the terrorist shooting a friend with a toy gun as the friend exclaims, “Ow!” the outlet reported.

Numerous students and witnesses to the attack identified the terrorist as Sharpe, who they say rode a bus to school with two guns stashed in a duffel bag before opening fire outside a biology classroom, fatally shooting one boy, Sam Strahan, who tried to stop the rampage, and injuring three teen girls.

Police interviewed over 100 people to determine a motive for the attack and said the terrorist was prompted by “a bullying type of situation.”

Students described the terrorist as “nice, funny and weird,” and said he did not seem like “that person who had issues.”

The so called nice terrorist had recently become obsessed with school shooting documentaries and had written notes to some of his friends saying he planned to do “something stupid,” according to Michael Harper, 15, a student at the school. They weren’t sure whether to take them seriously but one note was passed to a counselor, Harper said.

“He was weird, and he loved the show ‘Breaking Bad,’” Harper said, referencing the 2013 TV series about a chemistry teacher turned meth dealer.

The terrorist is being held in the county’s juvenile detention center, the outlet reported.

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