White Gym Teacher Bribed Teen With Pot To Stay Quiet About Oral Sex

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A depraved South Jersey high school gym teacher twice had oral sex with one of his female students in a gin joint parking lot — and then tried bribing her with marijuana and cash to keep quiet about their illicit relationship, a new lawsuit alleges.

William Jacobs, 33, began preying on the teen in 2016 during her junior year at Buena Regional High School in Atlantic County, according to the complaint filed by the victim’s mother, Suzann Anderson, in New Jersey federal court.

The two began spending time together because she was a wrestling assistant trainer and the pedophile was an assistant wrestling coach.

The suit claims the pedophile earned a reputation among students as the “cool teacher” because he let female students skip school for food, and gave them passing grades even if they didn’t change clothes for gym class. The diabolical rapist also contacted his female students on Twitter during the school day and after.

“This manner of teaching was intended to groom impressionable female students to trust and confide in him as one of their peers,” says the suit.

The pedophile and the teen victim started exchanging flirty messages on Twitter, which ultimately led to them meeting up in October 2016 outside Bleacher’s Bar & Grill in Williamstown, where the monster had been drinking.

The savage climbed into the victim’s car, where she performed oral sex on him, the suit says.

After their initial hookup, the teacher tried to kiss the victim and asked her to perform oral sex on him again — this time on school grounds — though she refused.

The pair had oral sex a second time after arranging to meet up on Twitter again Nov. 21 in the parking lot of the same bar.

The victim started rebuffing the pedophile’s sleazy advances — but “continued the relationship with [him] despite her growing reservations” and because she was concerned about her gym grade, according to the suit.

Because he was her phys ed teacher, the teen “was not required to change or participate in gym class because they were a ‘thing,’” the complaint says.

State police were eventually tipped off about the relationship on Feb. 6, 2017 — though Jacobs wasn’t suspended with pay until four days later.

During that time, he used money and pot to try to convince the victim, who had initially denied her relationship with the monster to police, to “keep denying it, keep denying it,” the suit says.

Another teacher and close pal of the pedophile, Michael Loiseau, also urged the teen to “deny, deny, deny” after Jacobs’ suspension.

Jacobs, of Folsom, copped a plea deal and pleaded guilty to charges of official misconduct and endangering the welfare of a child in June, according to reports. He is set to be sentenced Friday.

The victim’s mom is suing a slew of Buena school officials for allowing the monster to remain on the job despite learning of the allegations.

She also claims her daughter has suffered “extreme emotional distress” over the ordeal and has to be homeschooled for the rest of the 2017 school year.

An attorney for the Buena school board didn’t immediately return a message.

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