White On White Crime: Becky With The Ugliest Eyebrows Encouraged Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself

Michelle Carter, who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself in a series of text messages, has a “damaged moral core,” Conrad Roy’s aunt says.

Carter, soon to turn 21, was ordered to serve 15 months behind bars by a Massachusetts judge on Thursday, nearly two months after she was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Roy’s death.

“I don’t think that she helped him kill himself,” Roy’s aunt Kim Bozzi told ABC News’ “20/20” newsmagazine show in a segment that aired Friday. “I think she forced him to kill himself. I think she was responsible for his death.”

Roy was just 18 when he was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in his pickup truck near Boston three years ago. Carter was 17 at the time.

Carter texted Roy the day he died: “The time is right and you are ready … just do it babe.”

“You’re finally going to be happy in heaven. No more pain. It’s okay to be scared and it’s normal. I mean, you’re about to die,” read another of her texts.

In all, Carter sent dozens of text messages to Roy.

Bozzi said she was also stunned at how Carter “acted after the fact.”

Carter “was there, sitting on the phone, talking to him while he was taking his last breath,” Bozzi told “20/20.”

“Then she texted my niece a couple hours later, ‘Hey, do you know where your brother is?'” the aunt continued.

“Then she texted his mom the next day, ‘Oh, hey, have you heard from Conrad?’ Knowing all along.”

In a statement to ABC News, Roy’s mother said that her son “was the most selfless giving person I have ever met. He was humble and always strived to help others.”

“I wake up each and every day with pain and heartache living without Conrad,” Lynn Roy told ABC News. “The same pain I felt the day Conrad died. Regardless of what happens to or where Michelle Carter is, my pain will always be the same.”

Bozzi said that she had hoped that Carter would get the maximum 20 years behind bars.

“I believe she should be kept far away from society,” she wrote in a letter to the judge, according to ABC News.

“Take away the spotlight that she so desperately craves.”

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