Yurugu Gets Life For Rape, Kidnapping

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This monster found guilty of rape and kidnapping was sentenced Monday to serve life in prison.

RJ Thompson Jr., 58, was sentenced in Pontotoc County District Court on two counts of first-degree rape, kidnapping, forcible sodomy, aggravated assault and battery and having a pattern of criminal offenses.

The rapist was found guilty in May.

On Monday, District Judge Steven Kessinger followed the jury’s recommendation and sentenced the sex terrorist to life in prison for each count of rape, aggravated assault and pattern of criminal offenses. He received 20 years for kidnapping and 20 years for forcible sodomy.

Assistant District Attorney Tara Portillo represented the state during the trial.

The sodomite was tried once before in August, but a mistrial was declared after a juror conducted an internet search of the rapist. The juror shared information about the rapist’s criminal history with more than one fellow juror, court officials said.

The juror was charged and sentenced to serve 10 days in the county jail, but that sentence was suspended after he paid the court $2,745 in restitution.

The sex criminal was charged in 2015. He was arrested in January 2015 after kidnapping, beating and raping an Ada woman. According to a court affidavit filed by Ada Police Sgt. Destry Musgrove, the diabolical white savage kidnapped a 36-year-old woman from her residence on Short Street in Ada.

The woman told police the rapist dragged her into his vehicle and bound her with duct tape. The monster sexually assaulted her in Pontotoc County, then drove her into Seminole County, where he sexually assaulted her again, Musgrove said.

“Thompson then drove the victim to his residence in Coal County, where he beat, bound and continued to sexually assault her and kept her for most of the day. The victim stated that Thompson debated on whether or not he was going to kill her, but she convinced him to drive her back to Ada and let her go,” Musgrove said.

Although the beating and rapes occurred in Pontotoc, Seminole and Coal counties, due to a special law, the entire series of crimes was allowed to be prosecuted in one county. Pontotoc County Assistant District Attorney Jim Tillison previously represented the state.

At a preliminary hearing in 2015, Tillison said the victim struggled emotionally after the rape and beating and, a week later, overdosed on methamphetamine. She remained in a vegetative state and was unable to testify.

Because the victim was unable to testify, statements she made to police after the crimes were not admissible in court, according to Tillison. However, statements she made to a nurse during a rape examination and to her grandmother afterwards were allowed in court.

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