White School Director Busted For Buying Sex With Kids

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The executive director of a Queens music school for kids haggled for sex with girls as young as ​8 years-old ​from a Bronx pimp who once told their parents that they were going on a jaunt to Chuck E. Cheese, authorities charged.

Oliver Sohngen, a vocal teacher and founder of the​ ​Long Island City ​Academy of Music​​, was arrested Tuesday and charged with sex trafficking and attempted se​​x trafficking of underage girls​,​ who he often hooked up with through a​n​ unnamed pimp who ran his operation from an apartment on Davidson Ave. in the Bronx, according to ​federal authorities.

​Manhattan federal prosecutors said the pimp ​texted the white pedophile when he found girls for him to have sex with​, often employing a teen accomplice to corral the kids to pick-up and drop-off locations.

In one seedy exchange from Oct​.​ 2013, the pimp ​​told the monster he found he an 8-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl for the ​maestro.

After they agreed on a price of $1,600 for both girls, the pimp directed the typical white savage to pick the girls up after school and then drop them off afterward at Chuck E. Cheese, according to a criminal complaint​.

Chuck E. Cheese is “where the family thinks they are going,” the pimp explained, according to the complaint.

​The pimp assure​d​ the super pedophile that the girls’ parents won’t​​ suspect a thing because he has recruited a 16-year-old friend of the​ir​ family to ​help ​him.

“Aren’t p​pl going to miss them?” the pale monster asks ​the pimp ​​in a text.

“That’s why the 16 is tell ppl they are going to chuck e cheese,” the pimp explains, according to the complaint.

​”They don’t know they ain’t going yet,” the pimp joked.

The pimp, who was not named, was busted in 2013, which led the feds to the music ​school director, according to the complaint.

The filthy white child rapist was listed in the pimp’s cell phone as “$$$ Helmuth Moss Any,” which prosecutors say was a reference to an alias he used when soliciting sordid sex acts with young girls.

In addition to ​soliciting from the pimp in 2013, the diabolical degenerate also talked to an undercover cop he thought was a 15-year-old girl between 2015 and 2016, the feds said.

The pedophile, who can be seen on Facebook playing the keyboard while surrounded by happy children, will be presented ​later ​Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.

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