White Culture: Savage Pictured Straddling A Dead Shark

This photo of a nude savage grinning as he straddles a dead shark is puzzling and outraging social media users

The hunt for a degenerate pictured nude and grinning while straddling a dead shark continues after several high-profile suspects disavowed involvement. 

Jimmy John Liautaud and Florida Gators football coach Jim McElwain have both denied being the savage in the shocking photo, which began circulating widely on Friday.

‘Who is this man?’ British wildlife TV presenter Anneka Svenska asked in a desperate plea for information on Twitter Friday. 

Disavows: ‘I don’t know who it is, but it isn’t me,’ University of Florida football coach Jim McElwain (pictured in a file photo) said Monday, after a reporter asked about the shark photo
Jimmy John Liautaud (pictured) is a former big game hunter, and has taken enthusiastic photos with trophy kills that reminded some of the shark photo

‘Where is the humor in humiliating slaughtered animals?’ Svenska wrote. ‘Find him and ask him why he did this.’

Famed Florida coach McElwain emerged as an early suspect, mainly because his toothy grin looks suspiciously like that of the unknown subject in the photo.

‘I don’t know who it is, but it isn’t me,’ McElwain said as his wife sat beside him at a press conference on Tuesday, his tone turning somber. 

Undeterred, internet sleuths quickly turned their attention to Liautaud, the founder of sandwich chain Jimmy John’s.

Liautaud has said he no longer hunts big game though, after backlash from animal activists

Liautaud is known to have once been an avid big game hunter, and has previously posed alongside dead elephants, rhinoceroses, and bears.

He has since disavowed the practice, telling the Chicago Tribune in 2015: ‘I don’t hunt big African game anymore.’

But the unknown subject’s enthusiastic grin and stocky build reminded many of Liautaud’s old hunting photos, and he quickly became a prime suspect.

On Tuesday, however, Liautaud denied it was him in the photo, through a spokesman contacted by Deadspin. The spokesman said the monster in the image is absolutely not Liautaud, and has nothing to do with Jimmy John’s.

As curiosity about the photo mounts, the white fuckery only continues. 


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