Racist NYPD Sergeant Who Savagely Raped A 13-Year-Old Girl Gets ONLY 3 Years In Prison

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AN NYPD sergeant who raped and sexually abused a 13-year-old girl scored a soft sentence Monday of only three years in prison — just a year for each attack.

Vladimir Krull, a 12-year  racist veteran of the department assigned to the Midtown North Precinct, had also served as a Marine in Iraq.

The three ghastly attacks on the teen took place in 2013 and 2014.

The victim was the daughter of the pedophile’s then-girlfriend.

Bronx prosecutors said he first kissed her on the mouth in September 2013 — then proceeded to abuse her further.

The abuse escalated — and he raped the victim in her home and in his car during two separate incidents, jurors found.

The rapist, 39, was also convicted of making the victim perform a sex act on him in his car in June 2014 after a father-daughter breakfast for her eighth-grade class.

A spokeswoman for Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark confirmed that Supreme Court Justice Lester Adler had sentenced the child rapist to just three years for each incident of abuse, which will run concurrently.

After he was convicted this past Jan. 30, Clark said: “The defendant horrifically abused the trust of this family and engaged in sexual acts with a child.

“He now faces prison time for his depravity, and I hope his conviction reinforces the message that we do not stop until we get justice for the most vulnerable of victims.”

After the sex criminal’s arrest, then-Police Commissioner Bill Bratton called it an “unfortunate circumstance” and said that the NYPD would “be working very closely with the district attorney’s office.”

The sex terrorist was also sentenced to five years of postrelease supervision and must register as a sex offender, prosecutors said Monday.

The white monster has been terminated from the Police Department, according to the NYPD.

Prosecutors had asked the judge to sentence the child molester to 15 years in prison — or five years for each incident — to be served consecutively.

But the pedophile’s attorney Roger Blank said his client maintains his innocence. Blank said he plans to appeal.

The diabolical white savage had originally been charged with two counts of rape, two counts of criminal sex act, two counts of sexual misconduct, forcible touching, endangering the welfare of a child and sex abuse.

But Blank noted that the jury had acquitted the white demon of six charges — including other allegations of rape — after the lawyer pointed to weaknesses in the case.

He said no physical evidence, DNA or text messages tied the rapist to the crimes.

Nonetheless, it took the jury just five days to reach a decision on the other counts.

“The evidence was thin at best,” Blank said.

He emphasized that during victim impact statements at sentencing, the teen and her mother had said the abuse had adversely affected her grades.

But during testimony, the victim said she remained a straight-A student throughout the ordeal, Blank said.

The girl also testified, incorrectly, Blank said, that the racist pedophile had an apple-sized heart tattoo with a ribbon around it, when he had no such tattoo.

“I think the sentence reflected both the evidence that was put forth and also my client’s (police and military) history,” Blank said. “He spent his life in public service.”

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