White Junior Doctor Launched Sex Attacks Against Young Kids In Street “Because He Was Stressed”

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Benjamin Brooks, 27, pleaded guilty to three sexual crimes on girls aged 10, 13 and 14, as well as intimidating a 14-year-old witness.

A court heard the sex terrorist – whose career is now “ruined” – grabbed a 10-year-old girl by the chest and asked her: “Do you want to see my dick?” on November 14 last year.

Days later, he asked two 14-year-old girls for advice on which bus to get before slapping one of them on the bum when they refused to help him, Preston Crown Court was told.

Fifteen minutes after that he asked a girl, 13, for directions – before shoving his hand down her top, groping her breast and saying she had “nice boobs”, prosecutor Huw Edwards said.

But the pedophile – who worked as a junior doctor at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Lancs – was described by his lawyer as an “exceptional young man” who had been stressed because of “overworking”.

John Woodward added: “My lord may be mystified as to why he’s committed these offenses and I’m sure when reading his references it really does not seem to tie in at all with someone described as empathetic, very caring, working of his own volition, that he can do something like this.

“My lord may get a clue from his own letter where he says he was simply overstressed as a result of overworking and all the various traumas in his life.”

Mr Woodward explained he would arrive at work at 8am and not leave until 6pm, adding: “The references tell of really quite an exceptional young man.

“One says he has achieved so much without the support and privileges which others have.”

He added: “His life has been ruined professionally. He will be dismissed. He will not be allowed to work as a doctor again. He’s put so much effort into his life.”

Honorary Recorder of Preston Judge Mark Brown, however, said the case was “simply too serious” and jailed the child molester for 28 months as well as restricting his access to children.

He said: “As a doctor you have a professional, hardworking and caring approach, an individual liked and respected by patients and staff.”

It was “very hard to understand the motivation” for the crimes, he added.

Judge Brown went on: “It is suggested it is because you were under immense stress at the time. I’m mindful that in recent times there have been tragedies in your life and I accept that as a junior doctor you were expected to work very long hours.

“However there’s nothing really in the character testimonials, particularly from experienced medical staff, to indicate they were aware you were suffering from such a level of stress.

“It’s clear that over a relatively short time, you were engaged on a small basis in a campaign of sexual assault of young girls.”

He added: “There is no doubt the case require the imposition of immediate prison sentences.”

In victim impact statements, the youngest girl assaulted by the sex criminal – who is from Lytham, Lancs – was said to be upset and embarrassed.

She was shocked to find out the man was a doctor, the statement added, while her mum said her daughter no longer goes out alone, has suffered nightmares and needs company when having a bath.

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