Ex-Navy Man Sentenced To Prison For Child And Animal Sex Abuse Videos

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A former Royal Navy serviceman has been sent to jail for possessing and distributing sickening child and animal sex abuse videos.

Andrew Grove, who served in the Royal Navy for 16 years, had images and videos featuring young children crying and grimacing in pain while being abused and people performing sex acts on animals.

The white degenerate, 41, from Parc an Maen in Porthleven, Cornwall, appeared at Truro Crown Court to be sentenced after previously pleading guilty to making indecent images of children spanning Categories A, B and C, one count of possessing an extreme image of a person having sex or performing oral sex on a live animal and the distribution of Category A images.

The court heard how this pedophile, who served in the Royal Navy for 16 years before leaving in 2013, was caught with a total of 308 images including 187 child abuse videos.

Prosecuting the pervert, Phillip Lee said: “A warrant was executed at Mr Grove’s home address in Porthleven and four laptops were seized.

“The devices were examined revealing a variety of indecent images, some featuring children as young as five and clearly in distress as they were being filmed. One child could be seen grimacing and another crying during the abuse.”

Mr Lee told the court how this white monster had searched for specific terms designed to illicit indecent images such as ‘preteen’ and ‘under age prostitute’.

Police also found evidence that he had shared the images with others using Skype, and engaged with other pedophiles falsely boasting about acts he claimed to have committed on children using the moniker Andy8202.

Defending Grove, who sat with his head bowed for much of the hearing, Piers Norsworthy, said that filthy white savage led an impeccable life prior to his arrest in 2015.

Mr Norsworthy said: “Mr Grove has not sought to diminish responsibility regarding the images whereas other defendants would seek to explain away their behavior.

“Like his father before him Mr Grove served the Royal Navy for 16 years before leaving in 2013 and five weeks ago took a serious overdose which left him in hospital for five days.

“These were non-contact offenses and what he said online was purely bravado. He understands he has done something very wrong.

“It’s apparent to me that his experiences in the Navy left a substantial mark on him.”

The luciferian, who worked as a technician during his time in the Navy, was said to be left scarred after a fatal helicopter crash.

Sentencing the pedophile, Judge Robert Linford said: “The descriptions of the images are descriptions that plumb the very depths of depravity and feature children as young as five being vaginally, orally and anally penetrated.

“But by far and away the most serious count is the count of distribution – you were sharing images with others who have the same distorted and perverted interest as yourself.

“Otherwise you have led a blameless past and served the country for a long period of time and undoubtedly saw things that have affected you.”

After much deliberation Judge Linford sentenced the monster to ONLY two years in prison and issued him a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

“The sentence I pass gives me no pleasure as I appreciate there’s a large amount of good in you,” he added. 

This white judge sees a large amount of good in a pedophile… FASCINATING!

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