White Female Injected With Heroin, Raped And Forced To Perform Sex Acts On Dog By Abusive Boyfriend

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This ugly white survivor of domestic abuse has described the extreme torture she suffered at the hands of her partner.

Gabbe Rowland was subjected to a ‘week of hell’ by her jealous partner – during which he injected her with heroin, raped her, and forced her to perform a sex act on his dog.

Justin Mustafa, 27, had apparently convinced himself Gabbe cheated on him while he was in prison, after she told him she was pregnant with their child.

Speaking to reporters, the 28-year-old becky from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, said Justin started physically torturing her in June 2013, by forcing her to take drugs, hitting her with a belt, raping her, and filming her as he forced her to perform degrading sexual acts.

She eventually managed to flee and report him to the police, after which he was given a six-year prison sentence.

Gabbe, who has since waived her right to anonymity, said she and Justin had gone to school together, but had reconnected on Facebook in 2010 and started dating in September 2011.

However, Justin then revealed he was meant to appear in court soon, claiming that an ex-girlfriend had ‘accused him of filming her naked without her consent’.

Gabbe was fooled into believing him when he said he didn’t do it, and vowed to support him. He was jailed for a year, during which time Gabbe wrote to him daily and visited him twice a week.

Soon after his release, in January 2013, Gabbe found out she was pregnant.

‘At first Justin was pleased, but then he turned on me and started accusing me of all sorts of stupid things,’ she said. ‘He said I was unfaithful when he was in prison and even asked me to have an abortion, but I wouldn’t hear it.’

After a fight one night, the white bitch ended up leaving at 4am to stay with a friend. Justin got back in touch with her and apologized profusely, but Gabbe had miscarried from the stress of the situation.

‘I was devastated because, no matter what, I wanted this baby,’ she said, explaining that Justin became increasingly jealous. ‘Somehow we got back together again but things were never the same.’

The stupdid white whore left Justin again in May 2013, sick of his accusations and temper – but he bombarded her with texts, threatening to ‘throw boulders through the window’ if she ignored him.

However he managed to worm his way back into her life when the bitch thought she was pregnant again. She said he was ‘the best he had ever been – he was back to being the guy I fell in love with’.

But things took a turn for the worse when she realized she wasn’t actually pregnant.

‘It was June 29 and he picked me up from work,’ she said. ‘He was like a different person again. He pulled me by the hair and accused me of cheating. I was screaming and crying and wouldn’t admit to anything.

‘The next day he picked me up from a friend’s and I thought we would go off to talk. Instead, he pulled into a quiet place in the car and said, “Give me your arm and make a fist”. Horrified, I pulled away because I knew exactly what he wanted me to do.’

He pushed a vial of heroin into Gabbe’s arm, which ‘affected her horribly’ because she had never taken drugs in her life. Over the course of the next week, he forcibly injected her two to three times a day, after which she would always throw up.

‘I felt that this was his way of keeping me down, of humiliating me,’ she said.

One day he drove her into a wood, beat her and raped her. Another day, in the early hours of the morning at around 2am, he brought his pet pitbull into the room and forced her to ‘give the dog oral sex’ while he filmed her – ‘one of the most degrading things he made her do’.

Justin then made her clean her teeth before he orally raped her.

On July 5, when the becky finally managed to make it into work, her boss noticed her bruises and took her to one side – at which point she broke down and revealed what had been happening. She agreed to leave Justin and seek shelter in a refuge, after going to the police.

In March 2014, Justin was found guilty of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, malicious destruction of property and witness intimidation, and was given a six-year prison sentence.

The becky said: ‘I was relieved, but I think the sentence should have been longer. He tortured me for a week. He could easily have killed me with the heroin, or he could have beaten me to death as he promised he would.’

Now the ugly wench works in a doctor’s office, and speaks openly about her experiences to help other women in abusive situations.

‘I wish I had left him many times, but I didn’t because I always thought things would work out – and there were always the threats that he would hurt me.’

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