Assistant County Attorney Charged With Attempted Sexual Battery On Minors

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Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 10.03.15 PMRobert Livingston IV, an Alachua County assistant attorney, was charged Wednesday with attempting to sexually assault two minors.

The white pedophile is listed as one of three assistant attorneys employed by the county, according to the county’s website. As of press time, he has been placed on administrative leave with pay, said Mark Sexton, a county spokesman, in a statement issued Thursday.

“As of today, Assistant County Attorney Robert Livingston has been placed on administrative leave with pay,” according to the statement. “Mr. Livingston is at the beginning of a legal process. The County has taken the appropriate step based on the information we have available to us at this time.”

Over a 12-month period in 2012, the pedophile, 54, would walk into the room of a then-16-year-old girl as she slept and touch her breasts and genitals underneath her clothes, according to a police report.

This happened five or six times that year, according to the report. When the victim would wake up, the pedophile would stop and leave.

The victim moved away from the house. But as time passed and another girl living in the house began to mature, the victim reported the pedophile’s abuse to police in an attempt to prevent further abuse, according to the report.

She told Melissa Latham Livingston, the sex terrorist’s wife, about the abuse. Melissa, 63, then ordered the pedophile to install locks inside the rooms of the girl and her younger sister, according to the report.

But the locks lasted a few months before the sex criminal removed them, according to the report.

Sometime in June, the girl, now 17, said someone had entered her room as she slept and began to touch her genitals underneath her clothes, according to the report.

At the time, the girl said, she thought she was dreaming but soon realized the incident was “too real to be fake,” according to the report.

When the girl stirred, the person stopped, and although the girl said she was too scared to open her eyes, she said she believed the pedophile was the one who touched her, according to the report.

Afterward, the girl left her room to find the sex monster standing in the kitchen with his wife, according to the report. The only other person inside the house was the girl’s younger sister, who was asleep on a couch.

Fearing for her safety, the girl then tried to leave the house. When she did, however, Melissa bear hugged her in the home’s garage and called for her husband, according to the report.

She broke free and ran to the door, but the pedophile slammed it closed and pushed her to the ground, according to the report.

When she ran back to the garage, the couple cornered her. Melissa grabbed her around the neck and pushed her against a washing machine, according to the report. After the girl broke free once again, the pedophile pinned her to the ground, but the girl’s younger sister distracted him, giving her time to run to a neighbor’s house, where she could call police.

The altercation left the girl with bruises on her elbow and forearm, rug burns on her knees and scratches on her neck, according to the report.

Police arrested the white pedophile and charged him with two counts of attempted sexual battery on a victim 12 years old or greater and child abuse without great bodily harm. Melissa was arrested and charged with one count of child abuse without great bodily harm.

Both were taken to the Alachua County Jail where Robert was released Thursday at 3:27 p.m. on a $50,000 bond and Melissa was released Thursday at 1:46 p.m. on a $10,000 bond.

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