White Antisexual Charged With Faking A Homophobic Attack, Law Enforcerment Officials Said He Beat Himself Up

faggot1A British YouTuber has been charged for faking a hate crime, with California police saying the nasty homosexual vlogger attacked himself.

In a selfie sent from a hospital bed, Calum McSwiggan, 26, told his fans and followers on social media he had suffered a brutal beating by three homophobic attackers on Sunday night, causing a gash on his forehead and breaking three of his teeth.

The Los Angeles sheriff’s department confirmed the white faggot was attacked — by himself, not from any men beating him down, after he was arrested for vandalism.

“Mr. McSwiggan was then observed injuring himself with the handle and receiver to a payphone inside the cell,” the sheriff’s department said in a statement.

The LA district attorney’s office has now also charged the cocksucker with making a false police report, Ricardo Santiago, a spokesman for the office, said in a statement.

Prosecutors said the YouTube cocksucker faked reports that he was jumped by three men on Monday.

If convicted, the lying cocksucker could face 364 days in county jail. But he insists the homophobic attack really did happen.

In a statement posted on Facebook on Wednesday, the sodomite said he left a gay nightclub with a stranger and was jumped near the attacker’s car by three men.

faggot 2

He lost consciousness from the attack, and woke up in a fury, destroying the alleged attacker’s side view mirror and scratched the car.

The cocksucker said he was arrested for vandalism for damaging the car, and bashed himself with the jail’s phone to get to a hospital.

“In a moment of desperation to get out of the cell, I took the pay phone off the wall and hit myself once across the forehead with it as hard as I could,” the online personality said. “ I knew I had to injure myself to get out of the cell and into a hospital, and it was the only solution I could find to get myself out of there.”

The shameless cocksucker said he suffered three broken teeth, and cuts and bruises all over his body from the first attack, and only the forehead wound from his self-inflicted injury, which is different from his original story.

His evidence that all of this really happened is a crying phone call he made to his fellow YouTubers who were at the bar with him and came to his aid, and an email he wrote documenting the whole night to a lawyer friend, he writes in the statement.

“I’m heartbroken about the events and these have been the worst few days of my life. Many people are trying to discredit my story but this is the full and entire truth,” the cockswallower said.

The LA district attorney’s office is aware of the Facebook post, and declined to comment on it..


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