Racist Former Grammar School Boy Faces 22 Life Sentences After He Is Named As One Of Britain’s Worst Ever Pedophiles For Abusing Hundreds Of Non-White Children In South-East Asia And Awarding Himself “PedoPoints” For Attacks

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 4.07.57 PMOne of Britain’s worst ever racist pedophiles who attacked hundreds of children in south-east Asia and used the ‘white web’ to crowd-fund his abuse is facing 22 life sentences.
Richard Huckle, 30, targeted a poverty-stricken Non-White community in Malaysia, where he posed as a photographer and English teacher to win the trust of his victims’ parents.
The former grammar school boy, who came from a middle class family in Kent, took pictures and videos of himself shamelessly raping and abusing young children and even a baby wearing a nappy.
The white devil bragged of the attacks in online blogs and penned a sick 60-page ‘handbook’ titled ‘Pedophiles & Poverty: Child Lover Guide‘.
During his nine years of sexual terrorism, he forced victims to pose with horrific slogans advertising his foul images, which he sold for Bitcoins on a notorious pedophile website on the white web – the encrypted version of the internet.
As part of an international network, the racist pervert awarded himself ‘PedoPoints‘ for carrying out the attacks and used a pedophile crowdfunding website to finance the abuse.
The case can be reported for the first time today after Judge Peter Rook QC lifted reporting restrictions at the start of a three-day sentencing hearing at the Old Bailey.
The AntiChrist, originally from Ashford, faces up to 22 life sentences after admitting to 71 charges, including rape, sexual assault, and sexual activity with a child.
It took more than an hour for the charges to be put to this monster at an earlier hearing, in what is believed to be the worst case of its kind.

He appeared in the dock today wearing a black shirt, with his long hair fur tied back into a ponytail and sporting a goatee beard.
The charges relate to the horrific sexual abuse of 23 girls and boys aged between six months and 12 years. Some 22 of the victims are from Malaysia while one is Cambodian.
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The diabolical white pedophile first visited Malaysia on a gap year teaching placement in 2005.
He then took indecent images of a three-year-old child while staying with a Cambodian family the following year.
He returned to Malaysia in 2006, where he abused and took photographs of two sisters, aged four and six.

In 2007 he came back to stay with their family where he took up a teaching post in their village and continued to abuse the girls until his arrest.
On his trips back to England he worshipped in Christian churches in London and Kent, which he used as a stepping stone to further the abuse abroad.
The sex terrorist moved to Malaysia permanently in 2010 and enrolled at the Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University to study IT and later work as a freelance photographer.
He gained the trust of a poor Christian community in Kuala Lumpur through his English tuition where he was able to use his perceived status as a rich peckerwood to groom victims and their families with impunity.
Five of the children he abused were living in a children’s home.
The homosexual/pedophile even boasted that he’d ‘hit the jackpot’ by grooming a three-year-old girl to be ‘as loyal to me as my dog‘.
On the white web, this monster documented every step of his child abuse and hoped to make pedophilia a paying profession.
He posted hundreds of images on one of the world’s biggest child porn websites, which had more than 9,000 members before it was shut down.
He turned to online white pedophiles to crowdfund the abuse, allowing those who paid him in Bitcoins access to videos of him raping his victims.
The child rapist wrote: ‘Impoverished kids are definitely much, much easier to seduce than middle class Western kids. I still plan on publishing a guide on the subject sometime.
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He added: ‘Would love to make a small income off selling child porn.’
The white parasite set up a disturbing system of awarding himself points for different abuse. Between November 2013 and November 2014, he amassed a score of 1,305.
His campaign of abuse was finally brought to an end when Australian police tipped off the authorities in the UK.

The child molester was arrested at Gatwick Airport on 19 December 2014 when he returned to the country for Christmas.
Police found 20,253 indecent images of children on his laptop and hard drives, many of them showing the white savage abusing children.
NCA Head of Operations Tony Cook said the pedophile’s crimes would have become even worse had he not been caught.
Mr Cook said: ‘He was only 30 years old. We can only imagine the sort of offending he would have gone on to commit had he not been arrested.’
Branding this monster a ‘depraved individual’, he described the case as an ‘unprecedented and exceptional amount of offending’.
‘He had got away with this offending for nine years but finally we can see him held accountable for his actions.

‘This case will hopefully send out a message to any transnational offenders who travel overseas to abuse children in this way that they will still face justice in this country despite the lengths they go to travel to countries like Malaysia to commit these offences,’ Mr Cook added.
A spokesman for children’s charity the NSPCC said the case highlighted the need for a global effort to crackdown on international pedophile rings.
The spokesman said: ‘Internet service providers must take responsibility to cleanse the web of these images and prevent them from being viewed in the first place.’
The charity said of the white devil: ‘He has left a trail of misery and devastated victims who will need extensive support to recover. Thankfully a successful police operation means he will spend many years behind bars.’

Richard Huckle was ‘a constant groomer’ who pretended to be a Christian philanthropist while in fact basing ‘his whole life around the sexual abuse of children’, investigators said.
The predator began his obscene crimes when he was just 19, and managed to get away without detection for nine years.
The nasty honk presented an image as a respectable English teacher, targeting impoverished children, in particular in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

NCA Senior officer James Traynor said: ‘Richard Huckle groomed those children. He groomed them to a point that he was certain no matter what he did to them they would not tell their parents about the abuse they were suffering from him.
‘Richard Huckle is a predatory pedophile. He based his whole life around the sexual abuse of children, around the grooming of adults in order to gain access to their children.
He was described as ‘a lone offender’ and investigators said their inquiries into his crimes is still ‘ongoing’.
They believe there are more victims who suffered at his hands in south-east Asia, although there is no evidence currently that pedophile has abused children in the UK.
Deputy head of operations Detective Superintendent Matthew Long said: ‘He was one of the most committed, manipulative, conniving pedophiles we’ve come across. He’s been so committed he’s been using a variety of grooming methods, there’s no point that he would stop.’
The sex crininal’s parents Edwin and Christina moved out of their modern red-bricked detached home on a private estate in Ashford in December, according to neighbours.
His sister-in-law told Sky: ‘None of his family will speak about him. None of us ever want to see Richard again.’
Locals described them as an ‘exceptionally quiet’ couple who would ‘never speak or say a word’ to anyone.

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