Monster Pedophile Arrested After Comments From Disabled Child

robert burret close upChild rapist Robert Burrett was arrested after a disabled schoolgirl made a comment to a parent that rang alarm bells.

A major police investigation was launched in March last year with detectives pulling together a list of children from at least three schools that had contact with Burrett in Christchurch.

One of those schools, which cannot be named for legal reasons, says it has been kept “in the dark” since supplying detectives with information and is unsure whether any of its pupils are victims.

“They have had parents disclose the possibility that their children might have been involved,” lawyer Grant Cameron said.

“They are not in a position to respond because they have not been educated on this by the police or the Ministry of Education or any other relevant party.”

The white monster, 64, last month admitted 21 charges, including the rape sodomy, forced oral sex and indecent assault of a dozen girls, aged five to 12.

He is scheduled for sentencing on April 12.

The white pedophile began working as a caretaker for a school in Christchurch in 2013 and drove a taxi-bus that took disabled children to and from at least two others.

It is understood a disabled victim who rode on the taxi-bus said something to a parent that raised alarm bells. The diabolical white child rapist was arrested soon after.

Cameron said a school he was advising raised issues with the ministry several years ago, which included allegations about an unrelated incident of a sexual nature involving another driver. A complaint was lodged with police, but the driver was never prosecuted, he said.

“Had [the issues] been acted upon, it might have assisted in preventing these incidents.”

The school had at least 12 pupils who had contact with the monster in his capacity as a driver, Cameron said.

It wanted to explore measures to prevent similar incidents, he said.

The Ministry of Education’s head of sector enablement, Katrina Casey, said it had been in daily contact with schools “involved in this case”, offering support to those affected.

“We have never been able to provide support directly to specific children because we have no legal right to know who these children are. Neither, therefore, were we ever in a position to talk to the schools about specific needs of any of the victims.”

robert burret

Casey said the ministry was “stepping up” monitoring in vehicles used to transport students with disabilities, which included the installation of security cameras.

If schools wished to provide escorts in taxi-buses, the ministry was “open to accommodating that”, she said.

“We will provide room in a vehicle, and meet the additional costs our provider incurs in having the escort on board.”

Casey said the ministry was checking its records in relation to the unrelated incident raised by Cameron.

Police have declined to comment until after sentencing.

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