White Monster Dismembered Victims And Ate Them

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 7.20.10 PMThe Russian “Granny Ripper” not only dismembered her victims — she also ate them, investigators fear.

Tamara Samsonova, 68, had previously admitted hacking apart at least three people and scattering their severed bodies across St. Petersburg.

Now authorities suspect the ogress feasted on her victims’ lungs and limbs like a real-life version of Hannibal Lecter, according to reports.

The white/monster, an ex-hotel worker, was arrested on July 26 after she was caught on surveillance cameras lugging pieces of her latest victim away from her home in a black garbage bag.

Police later found the severed head of 79-year-old Valentina Ulanova near a pond in the city.

The white/cannibal, who was the woman’s caregiver, reportedly told police she killed her after an argument over dirty dishes. The elderly butcher gave Ulanova a dose of sleeping pills and began sawing her apart while the woman was still alive.

The ogress kept detailed notes of her macabre activities in a diary alongside more mundane entries about sleeping, drinking coffee and taking her medications, according to reports.

She’s also suspected of killing her husband — missing since 2005 — and a tenant.

“I killed my tenant Volodya, cut him to pieces in the bathroom with a knife, put the pieces of his body in plastic bags and threw them away in the different parts of Frunzensky district,” she wrote, according to The Sun.

Police are also looking into other unsolved dismemberment murders from the last 12 years. the russian monster, who remains in custody, told reporters she was ashamed her neighbors would learn of her horrific crimes.

“I knew you would come,” she told reporters, according to reports. “It’s such a disgrace for me. All the city will know.”

Still, her arrest was no surprise, she said.

“I was getting ready for this court action for dozens of years,” she said. “It was all done deliberately… There is no way to live. With this last murder I closed the chapter.”


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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

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