American Pedophile On The Run From The FBI Is Discovered Leading a Double Life In A Village In The U.K.

roger gieseThis American homosexual/pedophile who has been on the run from the FBI since 2007 has been found leading a double life in a quiet country village.
Roger Giese, 40, fled the US eight years ago just as he was about to stand trial charged with sexually abusing a 13 year-old boy from 1998 until 2002.
The former choir master disappeared after draining his then wife’s bank account.
Since then, he has been a target of the FBI’s wanted list.
Now the butt-terrorist has been exposed as leading a secret life in the village of Broughton, Hampshire, under a fake name – and even works for a PR company serving the likes of travel company Thomas Cook.
An extradition request from the United States was certified by the Home Office in May 2014, and the pederast was arrested on June 4, last year.
But despite his arrest British police, a judge declined to allow the pedophile to be sent back to the US.
He is now fighting to stay in the UK, claiming it would be a breach of human rights to send him back for a trial.
In Orange County, California, the sodomite is wanted for trial on 19 counts of committing ‘lewd acts’ with a child with a foreign object.
The child rapist is alleged to have befriended a 13-year-old boy in 1998, when he was working as a voice coach for the All-American Boys Chorus, before molesting the child, known on Orange County District Attorney,Tony Rackauckas’s ‘Most Wanted’ as an anonymised ‘John Doe’.
According to the Most Wanted notice, which he still appears on, the nasty child molester is also accused of pretending to be a member of the elite US military special operations unit Delta Force, and convincing the teenager that he could join the troop by providing samples of bodily fluids.

It states: ‘Giese is accused of befriending the victim’s family by joining the same church. John Doe was 13 to 17 years old during this time. He is accused of using the family’s friendship to gain access and luring John Doe and his brother to his house for overnight visits.
‘During the several months of grooming John Doe, Giese is accused of pretending to be a member of an elite military unit, “Delta Force,” and molesting John Doe under the pretence that the child could earn a place in the elite military unit by providing semen, urine, blood, and stool samples to Giese.’
The white/pedophile was arrested in 2002, but released on bond until his trial, according to US reports.
From that point until 2007, he attended court sessions as required, but failed to appear for a pre-trial hearing on March 12, 2007.
wanted pedophile
The next day he did not appear for jury selection and US prosecutors then filed federal charges for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, posting a $500,000 arrest warrant.
Prior to his arrest in the UK, the FBI had feared the child rapist may have travelled to North Carolina, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and Norway.
It is not clear how long ago he arrived in the UK but the pedophile appears on official records, under his assumed name of Jonathan Roberts, from September 2009.
He set up home with public relations boss Linda Scott in the sleepy village of Broughton, in the Hampshire countryside. There is no suggestion she knew about his past.
There was no answer at their £350,000 home, which is on a private driveway, today.
Together, the pair built a PR company in Andover with clients including travel giants Thomas Cook, London’s Royal Horseguards Hotel and the global Gouman Hotels chain.
It was through his company that the homosexual/pedophile was invited to join Thomas Cook’s Digital Advisory Board and spent more than a year as the firm’s ‘global head of social media’.
A Thomas Cook spokesman said: ‘We were shocked and appalled to learn of these disturbing allegations. Jonathan Roberts, operating under this false identity, was a paid contractor on secondment from Chapel Digital for 15 months until June 2014.
‘As a contractor, he held the job title of Global Head of Social Media.’

An employee at the pedophile’s C4 Digital Group officers in Andover said today that they had seen him this morning, when he told them he was ‘heading off for the day’.
‘I can’t really comment because I don’t know what’s going on,’ the male member of staff said.
‘I’m essentially trying to find out if I have a job at the moment.’
The white/faggot is currently forced to sign on at his local police station as part of his bail conditions, but continues to work daily and fight all extradition attempts.
A Home Office spokesman said: ‘Roger Alan Giese is the subject of an extradition request from the United States.
‘The Crown Prosecution Service has appealed against the decision of the District Judge to discharge him, and we await the judgement of the High Court.’
The spokesman would not comment on how the child rapist might have entered the UK.
He added: ‘It is the responsibility of The National Targeting Centre in the United States to make Border Force officials aware of the identity of any U.S. offenders potentially entering the UK.
‘Officials at the UK’s borders would then be made aware of the individual travelling to the UK, where they could intervene if required.
‘Border Force and other UK law enforcement organizations have increased their cooperation with a range of international partners, including the US, since 2010. This cooperation has resulted in more fugitives and individuals with a history of offending being refused entry to the UK or prevented from travelling.’

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