White Teacher Was A Sex Monster Who Raped Young Boys Aged 13 and 15: She took Victim’s Virginity In Her Marital Bed As He Wore School Uniform

ugly teacherA headteacher was a ‘sexual monster’ who seduced underage boys while she was married, a court heard yesterday.
Anne Lakey, 55, was a young teacher climbing the career ladder when she savagely took the virginity of a boy, 13 or 14 and wearing school uniform, on her marital bed.
She ‘flattered’ and manipulated the teenager who became ‘submissive to her sexual demands’. The court heard they met up to twice a week for sex and on one occasion he was forced to hide in a cupboard when ogress’ husband came home.
The perverted relationship happened when the teacher, of Stanley, County Durham, was 28.
A court heard she referred to herself as ‘Mommy’ and called the boy ‘baby’. She also rang his school pretending to be his mother and gave excuses for him not to attend class.
A second victim was 15 when he claims he had sex with the monster on a group camping trip. They later rekindled the relationship and she visited him at college in Oxford when he was 18, Teesside Crown Court was told.
The female pedophile has denied 13 counts of indecent assault involving two underage boys from 1987 to 1990. She told police the younger boy’s allegations were a ‘fantasy’ and claimed she only had sex with the older boy when he was 18.
The case ended up in court after the first victim, now 41, came across the child rapist’s picture while researching a school place for his child.
The jury heard a blog by the headteacher stated she wanted to ‘give young people the best start in life’.
It prompted the father to write in an email in December 2012: ‘I can’t believe this woman is still working with young people. She shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere near young people, especially boys. She had sex with me when I was 13. She used to phone my school to pretend to be my mother.’
His email said the wretched whore was married to her second husband at the time. The victim described her as a ‘disgusting sexual monster’, adding: ‘Surely someone must now bring her to justice.’
Caroline Goodwin, prosecuting, told the court: ‘This was in neither case a loving relationship. It was the sexual abuse of young vulnerable boys whom she groomed for her own personal gratification.’

She told the court: ‘You are going to hear about two young boys who are now adults who each were sexually abused by a woman older, more mature and in a position of trust and responsibility.
‘Her conduct towards them demonstrates, in the submission of the Crown, that here was a sexual predator who exploited the situation she was in.’

Neither boy went to the school in County Durham where the pedophile worked, but both were part of a group that regularly went to her house, where they were allowed to smoke and drink some alcohol, the court was told. The jury heard the relationship with the younger boy began when he sat on her knee, pretending to be Orville the duck in a comedy routine. He put on a ‘squeaky voice’ and was ‘quite embarrassed’, he told the court.
The teenager regularly played truant, going to the monster’s house when she was also skipping school, and began watching her take baths. He recalled a grooming incident when they played a game of dare on her suggestion. ‘She dared me to do something,’ the man told the jury. ‘I said, “I’m going to get your t*** out”, and she said, “You wouldn’t dare”, and just smiled. Then I did. I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra down a bit.’

Before long they progressed to sexual intercourse, he told the court. He said his first sexual experience happened after the white demon got out of the bath.
‘She took the towel off and was completely naked,’ he said. ‘I was stood next to her and we laid down on the bed and touched each other. She said something along the lines of “come on then” and I laid down on top of her.’
They then had sex, he claimed. The teenager was wearing his school clothes at the time.
‘We used to tell each other that we loved each other,’ he told the jury, adding: ‘We would lock the door and go upstairs and have sex … once maybe twice a week for several weeks, if not a couple of months.’
The victim recalled an occasion when the ogress’ husband Eamon went out then forgot something and knocked on the door. ‘I had to hide in the cupboard,’ the man said. ‘She told me to … I was very scared.’
He added that the monster ‘used to have me call her Mom and she used to say I was her baby. It was “Mommy” like an American would say.’
The court heard they never used contraception and eventually had a row when he told her he wanted to stop having sex. The sexual terrorist ordered him not to ‘tell anybody’, the jury was told.
Outlining the other sexual relationship, Miss Goodwin said the female pedophile used a separate tent to her husband on a camping trip and invited the boy in. ‘He got into the sleeping bag with her and they had sexual intercourse,’ she told the court, adding that they had sex regularly ‘for some time’.
They had a brief ‘casual relationship’ when he was 18, then lost touch – until the whore rang him about two years ago after accusations had been made by the other boy. Miss Goodwin said: ‘The purpose of the call was to warn him off.’
The trial continues.

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