White Pedophile Plans To Go Teach English To Thailand After His Release From Prison

TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED 07932745508: Married maths teacher Jeremy Forrest, of Ringmer near Lewes, who has run away to France with pupil Megan Stammers, 15, of Eastbourne, East Sussex.
TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED 07932745508: Married maths teacher Jeremy Forrest, of Ringmer near Lewes, who has run away to France with pupil Megan Stammers, 15, of Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Pedophile Jeremy Forrest is planning to move to Thailand where he hopes to take back up work as a teacher, it has been claimed. The 32-year-old rapist was jailed in 2013 after running away to France with a 15-year-old schoolgirl, sparking an international manhunt. After serving two years of his five-and-a-half year sentence, the white/pedophile from Lewes, Sussex, could be released later this summer.

Having been banned from ever teaching in the UK again, he is reportedly planning a move to Asia where laws are more lenient, say sources. According to reports, the sexual terrorist has been plotting his getaway from his prison cell.

‘Jeremy feels that there is nothing left for him in England. He has lost his job, his wife, the lot,’ according to reports. ‘He reckons Thailand is as good a place as any to start afresh. He thinks he can make a living giving English lessons.’

The pedophile sparked an international manhunt in 2012 after disappearing with one of his pupils, a 15-year-old girl. The pair ran away to France after striking up a relationship on a school trip to Los Angeles.
Following his arrest it emerged the married pedophile teacher went on a holiday to Thailand with his wife weeks after initiating an inappropriate relationship with the girl.
Emily Forrest recalled at the time he had been behaving distantly throughout the trip and often sat on a balcony staring out for hours.
Mrs Forrest divorced her pedophile husband following his convictions for abducting a child and engaging in sexual activity with a child.
In summer last year it was claimed the child rapist and the schoolgirl he ran away with, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were planning a prison-visit reunion.
Sources said the pair were eager to meet and that it may bring them both ‘closure’.

Thailand has less strict laws on teachers with criminal convictions. A criminal record check is not a requirement to secure a work visa, though many schools may ask for them out of preference.
In 2002 Gary Glitter fled south Asia after being convicted of possessing child pornography on his computer. He was thrown out of the country on the back of suspected child abuse and settled in Vietnam.
Years later he was asked to leave there after being accused of having sex with six women aged 11-23. He was arrested trying to board a flight to Thailand and made to stay to face trial.
South Asia has a history of ‘white pedophile tourism’ with white sex terrorists from the West flocking to impoverished areas to take advantage of the more lenient legal system.
Often convicts are able to pay away their charges and avoid prison sentences because the states are in such desperate need of money.
There has been a crackdown on white/pedophile tourism in recent years, with specialist British and U.S. teams set up to tackle the issue.


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