Racist Monster Gets Only 3 Years In Prison For Raping 5 Students

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summer-hansenIn February, former special ed teacher Summer Michelle Hansen plead guilty to 16 felony counts after having sex with five students in 2012 and 2013. According to prosecutors, the acts occurred in the racist whore’s classroom, a janitor’s closet and in the parking lot of the school. She was also charged with providing pornographic material to minors.

At her sentencing hearing Friday, the 32-year-old racist teacher apologized to the families saying, “I’m not a monster. I made bad choices in life and for that I’m truly, truly sorry.” But that wasn’t enough for some parents who were appalled at the blond monster’s three-year plea deal. An irate mother told the judge, “My son was victimized by this deviant. She is a predator… Her acts against these children make her a threat to society. The court’s (plea) offer is gender-biased. Summer Hansen is getting a slap on the wrist, and the victims are getting a slap in the face.”

The plea deal was struck between Hansen and Riverside (CA) Superior Court Judge Becky Dugan. Neither the prosecutor nor defense attorney were involved in the negotiation. Had the case gone to trial, the racist monster/rapist would have faced 13 years in prison. Dugan said she factored in the ogress’ admittance of guilt and remorse before making the deal:

The judge also expressed concern about the “humiliation” the victims might have endured had the case gone to trial.
“Three years in prison is going to be a significant behavior changer for the defendant,” Dugan said.
The judge pointed out that the blond beast will be required to register as a convicted sex offender for life.

Several of the students involved in the case detailed their sexual encounters in an affidavit:

One 17-year-old boy stated that “Hansen made him feel like he was the only one engaged in this sexual relationship with her. (He) stated that while engaging in these sexual acts, he lost his virginity with Hansen.”
Another 17-year-old said Hansen initially contacted him about a school function, but “the texting and phone calls turned to flirting and eventually kissing on two separate occasions and then to having sexual intercourse in her classroom after school hours.

The monster is barred from ever working with minors again. She will serve three years at a California state prison.

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