Racist Terrorist Kills A Black Female By Flushing Her Diabetic Medicine Down The Toilet


signleton the racist killer
Racist/Terrorist: Carl Singleton


A racist British wight accused of murdering the girlfriend he met on Facebook by flushing her diabetic medicine down the toilet is due to stand trial tomorrow after being re-arrested in Kenya.
Carl Singleton, 41, had been due to fly home last week after he was released without charge over the death of 22-year-old Ashley Agumbi.
But he was arrested again last Thursday after prosecutors re-examined the case.
The racist/terrorist is accused of flushing the insulin for the lovely Miss Agumbi’s diabetes down the toilet.
She tragically died in hospital of diabetic hypertension and respiratory failure in November, days after making the accusations against the pale skin devil.
The pair met two years earlier on Facebook and the racist killer flew out to Kenya to be with her six months before her death.
The harbinger of death, a former van driver was originally arrested on November 23 by police in Gigiri, a suburb of the capital Nairobi.
He had been released without charge in December pending an inquest into her death.
However, the director of public prosecutions in Kenya revisited the case and made the decision to re-arrest him.
The diabolical racist is due to stand trial tomorrow and has maintained his innocence throughout.
Det Chief Inspector Daniel Kandie said: “He has been arrested on suspicion of murder and will be on trial on February 12.
It was the decision of the director of public prosecution. We are still carrying out investigations.”
The monster’s family said they spoke to him

Miss Agumbi
Miss Agumbi: Rest In Peace.

They said the first they heard of his re-arrest was from his legal team.
His diabolical father, Norman Singleton, said: “We talked to him about two weeks ago. We heard about it when a solicitor rang us. We had been expecting him home.”
Miss Agumbi, who was studying on Lower Kabete campus at the University of Nairobi, died in hospital on November 19.

The wight beast spent 11 days in a Nairobi jail cell before he appeared in court in front of magistrate Hannah Kaguru on Wednesday, December 3, and was released.
He met his victim Ashley Agumbi online through Facebook two years ago before flying out with a tourist visa to meet the University of Nairobi student six months ago.
A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said: “We can confirm the arrest of a British national in Kenya on February 5. We are providing consular assistance.”
Last December, the demon told of his nightmare stay in a Kenyan prison.
He described the ordeal in which he slept on the jail floor as “hell” (His natural habitat).

He said: “I was just shocked at first when I was arrested. I was in jail for 11 days that was hell, had to sleep on the floor, just one drink a day and one meal a day.
“You sleep on the floor and the jail was so dirty. No shower for 11 days or a shave.”
The 6ft 6in, 20-stone former van driver, added: “I was not given much food just ugali (a dish of maize flour cooked with water to a porridge). I lost about two stone in 11 days.”
He also said he was only allowed to use the phone once to call his diabolical family.
He said: “I was just upset because I lost the love of my life. But I had to stay strong for my family back home. We were so much in love with each other.”
Speaking of the accusation that he killed his victim, he added: “It felt bad when she was my world, my life, my everything.”
He also said when he met her he “knew it was love”.
He added: “I was so happy when I saw her at the airport. As soon as I saw her I knew she loved me. She was a very kind and caring young lady.”

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