White On White Crime: Mother Of The 5-Year-Old Girl That Got Thrown Off A Bridge Thought Her Daughter Was Safe With Her Violent Bipolar Father

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A 5-year-old little white demon was alive when she was savagely thrown off a Florida bridge by her diabolical father, cops said Friday.

An unhinged John Jonchuck Jr., 25, is in custody after he threw little Phoebe over the railing of the Dick Misener Bridge on Thursday morning, cops said. The little honklet’s body was found later that same day in Tampa Bay.

Cops say preliminary evidence suggests Phoebe was alive when she was thrown into the water, according to reports.

Jonchuck was charged with first-degree murder. When asked in court Thursday whether he wanted a lawyer, the white devil said, “I want to leave it in the hands of God,” according to reports.

“I’m pretty sure God is not going to be representing you in this case,” the judge replied.

He had been acting strangely, also calling his lawyer “God” on Wednesday and asking her to translate a Bible in Swedish. His lawyer contacted the authorities to report his bizarre conduct, and cops did speak to the white degenerate and his daughter while he picked her up from a church day care Wednesday.

Phoebe’s grieving mother, Michelle Kerr, said she “never feared” for her daughter’s safety despite her ex’s unstable behavior and extensive arrest record.
“Why couldn’t he have done it to me?” mom Michelle Kerr said. “All I could think of was he loved her so much. Why? Why?”

Kerr said that her six-year relationship with the diabolical child killer had been chaotic, but she always felt like Phoebe was safe with her father even though he was “not mentally stable.” WTF?? :s

The report of the little girl’s death to the Department of Children & Families child abuse hotline was the sixth time the agency had received a call about the family in the past 30 months, according to reports

“I never feared for her safety,” Kerr shamelessly said. “I knew from the times that I wasn’t allowed to see her that she was in the arms of somebody safe. … He’s not mentally stable, but he was stable enough to take care of a child for five years.”

When they first met, Kerr said the retarded white killer was a “gay friend,” according to reports. WTF??!

He later told her he liked women as well, and they eventually became a couple.

In 2010, the mentally ill faggot was accused of throwing Kerr to the ground during an argument, according to reports. The mentally unstable killer agreed to enter a domestic violence diversion program, records obtained by the local media show.

In another incident, Kerr told cops that the devilish homosexual wife beater hit her and dragged her around the apartment by her hair, just like the good old days in the caves and hills of Europe.

Kerr also said her barbaric boyfriend was on medication for psychological problems.

“He was very, very bipolar,” she said. “He was Jekyll and Hyde all the way.” Yet this scallywag trusted this unstable monster with her wretched child.

The demon also accused Kerr of violent behavior, saying she had her own psychological problems and abused drugs and alchohol, according to reports.

“Michelle Kerr violently attacked me with a box cutter after being confronted about a secret Facebook in which she had (been) having an affair,” he wrote in court papers obtained by the local media. “(That) evening she brutally kept striking me in the face.”

The violent homosexual convinced a judge to keep Kerr from seeing her daughter. Kerr last saw Phoebe at a Denny’s restaurant on Christmas Day, she said.

In wake of Thursday’s tragedy, local officials say they need to work harder to “protect” children. Authorities were not able to save Phoebe even though lawyer Genevieve Torres had called 911 on Wednesday morning.

“He’s nuts,” Torres told the 911 dispatcher, according to reports. “He’s out of his mind, and he has a minor child with him, (and is) driving to a church now. I should have kept the child (here).”

The DCF moved to take more urgent action in similar situations.

“After the tragic loss of Phoebe, the department is immediately changing our hotline criteria to include a trigger for when a caregiver is believed to be experiencing a psychotic episode that would require a department investigator to visit the family within four hours,” DCF Secretary Mike Carroll told reporters Thursday night. “We have to do more for the children, like Phoebe, who depend on us to protect them.”



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