Racist Antichrist Kicks Black Baby To Death

diabolical racist baby killer

A non-white toddler died from horrific injuries similar to those seen in car accidents after her mother’s diabolical racist teenage boyfriend ruthlessly kicked her across a room.
Two-year-old Amina Agboola was left in the care of Dean Harris, 19, while her mother took an older sibling to school. When the toddler wet herself, the anti-christ kicked her so hard she landed six feet away and was left with a split liver.
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The racist antichrist dialled 999, claiming the little non-white girl had fallen off the toilet and hit her head. But tests later revealed she had numerous other injuries including a fractured arm, bruises to her face and bite marks on her cheeks and forearm.

The racist baby killer, now 20, showed no emotion yesterday as he was jailed for life with a minimum term of 17 years after being found guilty of murder.
Judge Mark Lucraft QC told him: “The injury inflicted on Amina was similar to the force of a road traffic accident.”

amina agboola 2

“Her liver was forcibly split into two pieces and a piece of her liver went into her bloodstream.”

“The bruises on her body were all recent and it was very likely they were inflicted at the same time as that fatal injury. You are a dangerous young man.”

Amina’s mother Sarah Racqueman, 29, was given a suspended 11-month sentence this week after admitting two counts of cruelty to children, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

sarah raquerman

Unfortunately the ugly female savage was cleared of causing or allowing Amina’s death.
In an impact statement read by the judge, the toddler’s father, Reuben Agboola, said: “Every time a picture of Amina’s face comes up I cry. It has left a void in my heart. The pain will never go away.”

Paramedics who treated Amina at her home in Yaxley, Cambridgeshire, on November 21 last year, said they found her looking like a “rag doll” in a pink nightie, struggling to breathe. She later died in hospital.

While on remand, the racist antichrist confessed to a fellow inmate he had lashed out because Amina had wet herself.

During his trial at Cambridge Crown Court, he said: “I did not intend to kick her. It just happened in a split second because I was frustrated.”

The diabolical white mother and and the antichrist, who were both unemployed, began a relationship five months before Amina’s death.

Social services warned the ugly mother that Harris was capable of violence and was a drug user.

She claimed she had not usually allowed the anti-christ to look after her daughter, but was “not in her right mind” the day Amina was killed. The racist anti-

christ admitted manslaughter, but was convicted of murder by a jury last month.

Cops released a confession he wrote to Amina’s family, in which he said: “At this point all I can remember saying is “For fuck sake Mina”.

“I was already in a standing position and the next thing I knew I had kicked her in the stomach. She had gone backwards and landed on her front about six feet away.”

The racist antichrist wrote a confession letter to Amina Agboola’s family confessing that he killed her.

The letter, parts of which have been released by Cambridgeshire law enforcement, describe the moment he savagely killed  Amina.

In the note the diabolical antichrist then apologizes to her family – saying  “only wish I could take all this back.”

It reads: “At this point I can remember saying “for fuck sake Mina”, I was already in a standing position and the next thing I knew I had kicked her in the stomach.

“She had gone backwards and landed on her front about six feet away. I realized what I had done and went to pick her up.

“She was crying at this point and I could tell it had winded her because of the way she was talking.”

“I picked her up to comfort her, I checked her stomach to see if she was OK. I held her in my arms for around three minutes until she stopped crying.”

“When I went to put her down on the floor to further see if she was OK I noticed that she had become limp….I then panicked.”

“Everything else that happened after this point, the phone calls, the ambulance, is well documented.”

“I only wish I could take all this back but I can’t so I hope the family can find some closure.”

“I would further like to add that none of this was Sarah’s fault, she has lost a child, so I think she has suffered enough.”

“I am truly sorry for what I have done. I can no longer cause further anguish by continuing to lie.”

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    This scumbag krakker should be somewhere laying Down stankn . I hope they fry this son of a bitch

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