9 comments on “White Male’s Feast

  1. mgarvey on said:

    and we still want to have ANYTHING to do with these creatures?!!!

  2. PAUL on said:

    I swaer the KRAKKER is one nasty ass MF”er

    • PAUL on said:

      I seen this website ( I wished I had saved it ) where these KRAKKERS were rubbing feces all on them selfs while having sex .

  3. PAUL on said:

    Cynicalafrikan I want you to check out how nasty these dirty krakkers are >>>>>>>>http://motherless.com/G5E39110/5E39031

    • Cynical Afrikan on said:

      I know that website! HAHAHAHA! Thanks!

      • PAUL on said:

        LOL your welcome , I got a lot of people mad at me when I posted this on g+ , but I told them THEY NEED TO SEE WHO THIS KRAKKER REALLY IS , and at least its the TRUTH !!! thank you cynicalafrican

      • Cynical Afrikan on said:

        You’re welcome sir. 🙂

  4. James on said:

    Why Cynical Afrikan Why? How can anyone even look at this filth for about one second without gagging? See where this honk-made fetish bullshit has lead us to? I’ll say this till I’m in my death bed. We should’ve never integrated with these devils!

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