Ratchet White Teacher Rapes 2 Students


A Queens teacher was charged today with raping a second student, an apparent rebound from an affair with another 16-year-old boy that ended when he took someone else to the school prom.

Joy Morsi, 38, was back in court for a second day in a row after prosecutors hit her with more rape and child endangerment charges for sex abuses that happened right under her husband’s nose.

A day earlier, prosecutors said the Grover Cleveland High School wretched teacher had been carrying on a months-long affair with a student, and chimped out when she learned he was taking someone else to the school prom.

Before she posted bail on the first set of charges, the wretched hoe was warned that another student might be coming forward.

The other shoe dropped, and the Massapequa mom was back for a repeat court performance.

The ratchet pale whore was joined again by her dejected husband, Hani, a science teacher at the school, who lowered his head during the arraignment, and walked behind the bitch in heat and her lawyer when they left the courthouse.

The wretched scallywag has been suspended with pay. She made about $81,000 last year.

“The Department immediately removed Joy Morsi from the classroom upon learning of the allegations,” the education department said in a statement.

“We find these claims disturbing and reprehensible and she will remain reassigned — far from any student and the school — pending a criminal investigation. We will work closely with the school to ensure they are given any needed support.”

The white whore is a tenured teacher and cannot be fired or stripped of her pay without due process, officials said.

The second student told authorities that he had sex twice with the teacher in the school Saturday.

Prosecutors said the ratchet teacher and the first student had sex more than 20 times in the school last year in various places, including the basement and the gymnasium.

The affair ended a few weeks ago, when the ugly hoe got “jealous” that her boy toy took a girl to the prom, prosecutors said.

The bitch befriended ​the boy, a wrestler at the Ridgewood school​,​ when he needed help losing weight to make the school’s wrestling team, according to court documents.
The scallywag, in an email, asked the student if he was a virgin, and he replied that he was.

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

One comment on “Ratchet White Teacher Rapes 2 Students

  1. Soforeal on said:

    damn! she got mad hahaha. in high school you have a lot of muscled up kids that would put grown men to shame and that is one of the reason why these white women cant control themselves. they just cant see to keep their hands off young boys. I got stories of a couple of white teachers that were trying to get too close to me when I went to different high schools I was one of those kids that move around a lot hahaha. these honky tonks have no shame about their perversion. they should kick her in her crotch. she should be named the apex predator.

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