Drunk Wench Tried To Wear A Cheeseburger As A Sandal After Getting Caught Having Sex In A Parking Lot

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cheeseburger hoe

It’s well known that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to some whitemarish behaviors, which in the case of a becky from Georgia meant having perverted sex in public and then trying to wear a sandwich on her feet.

Rachel Gossett, 25, and Frank Lucas, 27, were arrested November 3 and cited for public drunkenness and loitering after the pair of savages were busted having sexual intercourse in a pickup truck outside a Loganville Waffle House.

According to reports, the hoe was so inebriated that she stuck her foot inside a cheeseburger, thinking it was her sandal.

The 25-year-old wench had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit, while her partner in crime was only slightly more sober. The star-crossed lovers are due back in court January 16.

According to reports, Loganville law enforcement officers arrived at the fast food eatery at 4752 Atlanta Highway at around 1.30am last Sunday after getting a call about a couple barbarians fornicating in the parking lot.

The responding officers approached a Dodge pickup truck, where they spotted a pantless Gossett sitting astride Lucas in the driver’s seat.

The officers ordered the savages to get dressed and take out their driver’s licenses. The incident report noted that the inside of the truck reeked of alcohol.

Lucas then pulled his pants back on, but Gossett need repeated prompting from the cops as she sat impassively in the passenger seat.

‘When the female finally got dressed she attempted to put a cheeseburger on her foot as if it were a sandal,’ the report stated.

According to Gossett’s Facebook page, the woman has a young daughter, and she recently got a new job working as a server at a local bar and grill.


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