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French Canadian Caught Balls Deep Inside A 10-Year-Old Girl Pleads Guilty

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luc bergeron

After four years of legal wrangling, a peckerwood from Sherbrooke  has entered a guilty plea to charges that he sexually assaulted an 10-year old girl he met on the internet.

46-year old Luc Bergeron had thought he was corresponding with an adult on the LavaLife site.  But his discovery that the person he chatted up was a pre-teen didn’t slow him down.

He had sex with her once on the balcony of her family’s apartment, the second time in his car, where cops caught him in the act after being flagged down by passersby who’d seen the girl kissing him.

The french canadian pedophile will be sentenced next March.

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Cynical Afrikan

Creatures who classify themselves as white are the most evil, perverted entities in the known universe. And I,Cynical Afrikan, makes it my duty to expose them for what they truly are: psychopathic murderous sexual terrorists. With my website, people are starting to realised who they are dealing with. That's why White creatures hate and they don't want you to know about my site. Welcome to Cynical Afrikan Blog, where we take a cynical look at white creatures... Because there is no such thing as a good white creature.

One comment on “French Canadian Caught Balls Deep Inside A 10-Year-Old Girl Pleads Guilty

  1. James on said:

    to hell with that! put his ass on a sling right now! I hope to the most high that the victim was “white”. let them sexually terrorize their own demon-spawn they classify as “children”

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