White Cop Extradited To The UK From Australia Is Found Guilty Of Child Rape

jeffrey lake

This retired law enforcement official has been found guilty of inflicting ‘appalling’ sexual and physical child abuse on two victims.

Jeffrey Lake, 78, was extradited from his home in Queensland, Australia, to stand trial on the historic offenses – the vast majority of which were committed when he was a serving law enforcer in Accrington, Lancashire, and Liverpool.

The “white” pedophile emigrated in 2002 and had been living there for seven years when one of the complainants walked into a police station in Lancashire and said this savage had sexually and physically terrorized her as a child.

The woman was interviewed at length and when the investigation widened a second person claimed he too had been abused by the nasty honk, Preston Crown Court was told.

She said that Lake moved from the UK to avoid his past after she had previously written letters to him describing the agony he had put her through.

The pedophile, who has family connections in Australia, said that was not true and he was simply looking for a better life.

He was arrested in January and brought to the UK.

Yesterday, he was found guilty of 20 allegations of historic abuse including rape, buggery, indecency with a child, indecent assault and child cruelty, said to have taken place in the 1960s and early 1970s.

The savage had served in law enforcement in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s.

Opening the case, prosecutor Louise Whaites said the female victim went on to suffer from depression and anxiety and had attempted suicide – as had the male victim in the case.

‘She was clearly unable to cope with what happened to her,’ she said.

In the mid-1970s she wrote to the defendant and told him how she felt about what he had done to her, the jury was told.

She received no response or acknowledgement from the ruthless child rapist.

Following his emigration, she wrote more letters to him in which she said she was concerned that he had not changed and would go on to commit similar crimes.

She said her death ‘wouldn’t bring matters to a close for him’ because she had told her GP, her husband and also her children about the abuse.

The sexual terrorist claimed he had never received any of the letters she said she had sent.

In December 2009 she finally made a complaint to authorities.

Giving evidence, the rapist denied all the charges against him and said he was ‘not of the persuasion’ of someone who sexually abuses children.

He said he had never thought of returning to Britain since his move because he had no reason to do so and the expense of travelling.

The lying sack of shit claimed illness prevented him flying over for his son’s wedding.

It was suggested his accusers had a personal hostility towards him which had led them to give false testimony to the court.

Under cross-examination, the female victim denied the abuse was a figment of her imagination gleaned from reading books such as Dave Pelzer’s A Child Called It.

She denied that book, which details the physical abuse of a child by his mother, had influenced her in any way to believe she had been abused herself.

The rapist, of Peregian Springs, had no previous convictions.

He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on October 24.

The barbaric pedophile showed no emotion as the verdicts were delivered.

Afterwards, trial judge Mr Justice King praised the jurors.

He told them: ‘Thank you for the care and attention which you paid to this case. These cases are never easy.’

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

2 comments on “White Cop Extradited To The UK From Australia Is Found Guilty Of Child Rape

  1. trying to run to penal colony to escape the law.

  2. This is thier brand either they are forcing their little penises into a child/ie raping a child or selling and trafficking children Just think about it there are tons of children/adults missing from all over the world of all races, What are the chances that the police some of took them and sold them or murdered them And then claimed someone else did it ??Look at the numbers of Afrikan amer women and MEN who have recently come up missing and later found murdered ( outside of ohio) Are they being eaten?
    Added to this euro men are simply vicious hateful and master tricks who when they cannot have their way or when rejected they resort to terror against the helpless or the weak or trusting..

    This lead me back to why i will always disagree with white men and or their pink women from adopting Afrikan desc children They have an agenda and its not about love rather its about pedophilia covered by marriage or faggotry

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