White Pilot From Brutish Airways Sexually Terrorized Hundreds Of Afrikan Children In Orphanages While Claiming He Was Doing Charity Work

Picture by Mark Richards-BA pilot, Simon Wood kills himself after being accused of molesting girls in Kenya

This British brutish Airways pilot used his position to sexually terrorize hundreds of vulnerable children in African schools and orphanages.

First Officer Simon Wood, 54, claimed he was carrying out charity work for the airline while molesting scores of young girls during his stopovers in Africa.

Dressed in a bogus captain’s uniform, the walking pile of excrement would use the airline’s name – and even BA branded toys and coloring books – to lure children out on day trips and to five-star hotels used by the airline, where he would savagely rape them.

British brutish Airways is now facing a hugely damaging lawsuit brought by his victims, who say the company failed to protect them from his horrific abuse.
After savagely raping “black” children for 15 years, the £100,000-a-year “white” pilot was finally stopped when he was charged with separate child sex offenses in the UK.

Days after appearing in a court in London last month charged with the offenses, the racist pedophile threw himself under a train.
Prosecutor Peter Zinner said: ‘The prosecution say that Mr Wood was a deeply depraved and corrupt individual who had used his ability to fly to other parts of the world to commit sexual offenses against children.’
Officials in Kenya have identified at least 15 children, all believed to be girls aged five to 11, that the diabolical “white” beast abused – and say they fear there are hundreds more.
As British brutish Airways launched an international investigation into the ‘shocking’ claims, questions were asked over why the devilish “white” pilot – who was arrested after indecently assaulting an eight-year-old girl in 2000 – was ever allowed to work near children.’
Prosecution sources said they feared the racist pilot could prove to have been among Britain’s most prolific sexual terrorists.

During his 16-year career with British brutish Airways, Wood chose unpopular routes in and out of East Africa, using his stays there to prey on vulnerable children in the slums.

simon wood racist pedophile

The racist pedophile first known contact with children in Africa came in 2001 when he began visiting the Nyumbani orphanage in the Karen area of Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.

It was the first centre of its kind in Kenya to accept only children infected with HIV, and managers said they had received no complaints of abuse against any of their children.

At Easter 2002, the british Sandusky was among 20 crew members from two BA flights who volunteered to spend the holiday period with the Kenyan youngsters, showering the orphanage with presents, medicines and donations raised at home.

He told the UK news agency the Press Association, which covered the trip: ‘We play, sing, organise activities and generally entertain them. We become very close to the children.’

In fact the demonic racist pedophile was using the prestige of his pilot’s uniform to gain access to children for the purposes of  sexually terrorizing them.

Much of the most recent abuse happened during stopovers in Uganda, his normal flying destination, from where he would cross the border to Kenya to target slum children and orphans.

Officials in Kenya say, he claimed he was a member of ‘BA’s community relations programme’ when approaching orphanages and schools.

If managers complained about his behaviour, the “white” beast made official complaints to the authorities that the staff involved were stealing from the children’s homes, and at least two managers were arrested over his allegations.

The filthy pedophile first came to the attention of law enforcement when he was accused of an indecent assault on an eight-year-old girl. He met the girl while volunteering for Diabetes UK, escorting young children on a trip to North Yorkshire in 2000.

The luciferian was arrested over the sex attack, but – in an echo of the Jimmy Savile scandal – the Crown Prosecution Service ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge him. He was allowed to keep his job at BA and, in an indictment of the vetting system, continued his charity work with children.

The mother of one young victim said her daughter was abused at a five-star hotel used by BA crew in Nairobi.

She said that after loaning her money the brutish pedophile duped her into letting him take the five-year-old girl to the Nairobi Intercontinental.

‘I trusted him completely because he seemed so good and so kind. I trusted him with everything, even with my daughter,’ she said. NEVER TRUST A “WHITE” CREATURE. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT TERRORISTIC PEDOPHILES!! IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODY!

The girl, now 14, is struggling at school and has become tearful and withdrawn. She has threatened suicide to escape the shame and misery the nasty honk inflicted.

When suspicions arose about Wood in Kenya, one local school contacted a British brutish law firm, whose staff travelled to Kenya with a view to beginning legal action against both Wood and British brutish Airways.

But when they realized the extent of Wood’s sexual terrorism against the children they passed the matter onto British brutish law enforcement.

Following a tip-off, UK officers re-arrested him on July 18 in the BA staff car park at Heathrow over the child sex allegations.

When they searched his laptops, they found explicit images of African youngsters. During a law enforcement search of Wood’s car several school uniforms were found, Westminster Magistrates’ Court was told.

Prosecutor Mr Zinner said: ‘His computer was seized and evidence was obtained to show that he had visited various pedophile websites.’

Wood appeared at the court  on August 16 charged with possessing indecent images and indecently assaulting an eight-year-old schoolgirl.

He was granted bail on the condition he surrender his passport but two days later he threw himself under a train near his home in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

Prosecutors announced last Wednesday that as a result of his death, they were halting the case.

Jennifer Swiddon, representing the satanic pedophile, said that her client intended to deny all offenses against him prior to his death.

airline shocked

It was revealed in court that cops suspected Wood had abused more than 100 African children. A well-placed legal source said it was now feared that Wood had targeted hundreds of girls during his BA career.

Before his death, the racist pedophile had transferred £64,000 to his legal representatives in Africa.

Detectives suspect he was planning to use it as ‘hush money’ to buy off his victims or to open an orphanage in Uganda where more youngsters could be targeted.

The families of Wood’s brothers Nicholas, 52, and Anthony, 51, said it was ‘a difficult time for the whole family’ and declined to comment.

UK-based law firm Leigh Day have confirmed that they are acting for the child abuse victims of the late Simon Wood in Kenya and are working with law enforcement to determine quite how many children were abused and the extent to which this extended to victims in the UK as well as Kenya and Uganda.

Martyn Day from Leigh Day said: ‘We are currently investigating how Mr Wood was allowed to have such access to these Kenyan children and also the extent of the allegations against Mr Wood in relation to his actions in the UK.’

The freephone NSPCC helpline 0808 800 5000 is available for anyone to report a concern or seek advice relating to this incident.  Where appropriate the charity will work with the Metropolitan law enforcement.  Calls can be made anonymously.

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