White Teacher Poses As A Girl And Booty Grazes Male Students To Get Them To Send Naked Pictures On Facebook

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derrick allan gossett

Authorities say an elementary school “white” teacher impersonated a young girl on Facebook to sexually entice young boys to send him nude photos and may have victimized 156 children in all.
Derrick Allan Gossett, a former music teacher at Anderson Elementary in Houston before his resignation this week, faces child pornography charges after his disturbing plot to lure boys was discovered, say law enforcement.
The 32-year-old homosexual pedophile was arrested as he made his way to school Tuesday after the parents of a 12-year-old boy alerted cops to his whitemarish ploy.
A search of Gossett’s home in Humble revealed several images of nude boys the pedophile knew from his work in the Spring Independent School District, detectives said.

Investigators said he would send the boys generic pornography of young females he found online as bait while identifying them as belonging to a former classmate.
“The Facebook profile was allegedly engineered and operated so that a 12-year-old boy believed he was conversing with a juvenile female, whom he knew as a former classmate of his,” said the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office in a news release.
The girl has since been identified and interviewed by law enforcement officials.
Detectives said the nasty pedophile admitted to the deplorable crime after he was arrested.

Adding to parents’ fear is authorities’ belief he may have used a hidden camera in his classroom to record his students as well.
“We also may have developed evidence that he may have set up some kind of surreptitious camera in his classroom to record the children in his classroom,” prosecutor Lacy Johnson said.

“They have developed a list of 156 people that they need to talk to that they believe could be victims of Mr. Gossett.”
The content of that video was not revealed, but is not suspected by authorities of being pornographic in any way.
Investigators credit the vigilance of the 12-year-old Texas boy’s parents in monitoring his online activity for bringing the “white” pedophile’s brokeback crimes to light.

The nasty homo is currently free after posting $140,000 bond.
He faces three counts of possession of child pornography, one count of online solicitation of a minor, one count of promotion of child pornography and one count of online impersonation.
Unfortunately pedophile’s allegations are nothing new.
In February a 30-year-old male high school teacher was arrested for posing as a Southern California girl to lure boys into online relationships, according to Anaheim law enforcers.
Zachary Reeder, who taught at an all-boys Catholic school, was arrested after succeeding in receiving sexually explicit photographs of young boys.

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