White Shrek Lied On Innocent Black Males Murdered Her Own Ugly White Baby In Georgia

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This nasty-pile-of-feces, Sherry West, 42, racist mother of baby Antonio Santiago slain on March 14, 2013, told CNN’s Piers Morgan the suspected faggot she wants the alleged teen killers to die during an on-camera interview. “A life for a life,” she said.

De’Marquis Elkins, 17, and Dominique Lang, 15, were arrested and charged with murdering the ugly 13-month-old. Their trial was set for this August but their public defender, Jonathan Lockwood, uncovered some shocking evidence.


She lied! YES!  That nasty racist motherfucker LIED! The gunshot residue was found on both West and baby Antonio’s father, Louis, who was initially reported no where near the crime scene. We shouldn’t be surprised by this revelation. That’s the HISTORY of “white” females! That’s how these bitches roll! 

Back in March, the lying whore told law enforcement officials that while on her way home from the post office two “black boys” attempted to rob her. When she told them that she didn’t have any money, they shot baby Antonio in the face, then shot her in the leg before running away.

The state forensic report says, “This supports the possibility that [Louis Santiago] discharged a firearm, was in close proximity to a firearm upon discharge, or came into contact with an item whose surface bears GSR [gunshot residue].”

Remember, accused Elkins’ mother Karimah Aisha Elkins, 36, and aunt Katrina Latrelle Elkins, 33, were arrested and charged with making false statements. A gun was found but racist authorities never indicated it was a murder weapon.

Also, West’s daughter Ashley Glassey, 21, said she didn’t want to wrongly accuse her filthy sack of shit of a mother but had her doubts because her stories were conflicting and she may have committed the murder for insurance money.

Cops have not named Sherry West or Louis Santiago suspects in their son’s murder; however, Santiago is in jail for aggravated stalking of West.

“He went nuts … he was throwing things through the window and terrorizing me, saying that I killed my baby and it should have been me,” West tells CBS.

Watch that racist “white” Shrek talking shit with that cock sucker named Piers Morgan.

 Now I wish that her and Piers Morgan get butt fucked with a chainsaw and hope that her dead baby R.I.P. (Rots In Piss).


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3 comments on “White Shrek Lied On Innocent Black Males Murdered Her Own Ugly White Baby In Georgia

  1. Soforeal on said:

    Honks and Negropeans ate this story up. I knew this story was a lie.

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