Clyde Sexton Rapes An Unconscious Woman Instead Of Getting Help


This filthy barbarian from Lexington was jailed last friday afternoon for sexually abusing an unconscious coworker.

Instead of calling 911, Lexington law enforcers say Clyde Wesley Sexton, 71, took advantage of the woman after she passed out inside Fillies Gentleman’s Club on Thursday evening.

On Friday, officials were back on scene investigating. Investigators said that victim is in critical condition at UK Hospital following the barbaric assault.

Lexington law enforcement officials said that a surveillance video explicitly shows Sexton performing sexual acts on his coworker. Cops aren’t saying much because of the nature of this case but say the victim is a 37-year-old woman who works with Sexton at the strip club.

Before six p.m. on Thursday evening is when officers say the woman fainted because of a serious preexisting medical condition. That’s when Sexton savagely took advantage of her while she was unconscious. We are told paramedics were not called until she had been passed out for about 30 minutes, and she had no pulse once they arrived.

37-year-old Melissa Kline-Smiley died just before 7:30 last night at UK hospital. Today, coroner Gary Ginn says they’re still trying to figure out exactly what caused her death.

An affidavit in court records claims Clyde Sexton was working on a painting job with Kline-Smiley at Fillies Gentleman’s Club when she collapsed. According to that affidavit, he told officers that wasn’t uncommon due to a medical condition.

“There’s just a lot of different avenues we’re looking at in a broad spectrum in this case because it is fairly complicated,” said Ginn.

Sexton is charged with sexual abuse in the case. In the affidavit, investigators say surveillance video shows Sexton moving Kline-Smiley, then lying down with her while she’s unconscious. They say about 23 minutes pass from when Kline-Smiley is first seen unconscious until when Sexton tells another employee that she’s having trouble.

“Fire department, the way they respond, they usually respond within a manner of two or three minutes at the most, she could have had help. I don’t know if that would have saved her life. I can’t predict that and I’m not going to try, but obviously someone would have been there to help her,” Ginn said.

Examiners did an autopsy today, but it could be a couple of weeks before they officially determine Kline-Smiley’s cause of death.

“We do believe that the toxicology will play a big role in her death. We also want to look at tissue under the microscope. It takes a little bit of time for it to be processed so we can get them under cover slips and look at them microscopically,” said Ginn.

Sexton was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning on that sexual abuse charge. That hearing was continued until August 20.

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  1. They should let him play dead while letting a horse go balls deep in him. nasty ass leg humper!

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