Pizza Shop Owner Caught Shaking His Pepperoni In His Pizzeria

pizza masturbator

A “WHITE” pizza shop owner in the Californian capital of San Diego earned a well deserverd post here on after an image of him masturbating in kitchen of his pizzeria began circulating the internet.

The barbaric veteran pizza franchise owner says he is not the white-haired horny savage shown shaking his pepperoni, nor was the photograph captured in his establishment.

The whitemarish image went up on the photo-sharing site 4Chan, then Yelp – where it attracted hilarious comments – and is now spreading from site to site.

The pizza boss, who opened his shop in 2011 to kind reviews – “when people come in, they feel like they’re home” – has flatly denied he is the self fucker.

“It is not me [in the photo] and that’s not my pizzeria,” the lying jerk said.

But he has already been plagued by a 4Chan member who entered the pizzeria and live streamed on his phone an encounter of the masturbator serving pizza and seen becoming angry when he is asked about the masturbation photo.

The terroristic image surfaced two days ago, when 4CHan posted links to random unsecured webcams.

They then found the video and took screenshots.

A timer on the photo indicates the security footage was taken in 2007.

The screen shot shows a Sandusky-looking-crackaroache in a white T-shirt and shorts sitting at a desk with his tiny biological weapon in his hand.

The photo surfaced on Yelp, attracting mock reviews of the pizzeria:

“The pizza is like nothing most guys have ever tasted.”

Told of the tongue-in-cheek Yelp reviews, the pizza shop owner said: “I’m just going to call the cops.”

He said he had “fired two guys recently” and suggested that he might be the victim of a disgruntled ex-employee.

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