10 comments on “White Male’s Pacifier

  1. Soforeal on said:

    lol the person that almost walked in. lol, man oh man. what is up with these guys and dicks? i’m surprised it wasn’t a blk dildo. soon that goofy little honk will be bouncing up and down on it like a woman.

  2. Soforeal on said:

    Remember! “the spider” is in action tonight! chris weidman is gonna get knocked the fuck out!

  3. omg! anderson is such an idiot! i cant believe he got knocked out. smh! jon jones is all we got left, and tyron woodley and hector lombard are on their way. smh i can’t believe white boy knocked out anderson, anderson was being too cocky. smh!

    • Cynical Afrikan on said:

      A damn shame…

      • Soforeal on said:

        I think he gave weidman that fight because he didn’t even get punched hard. he was just joking around the whole fight the rematch is going to be epic the real anderson silva will show up! and Jon jones is going to destroy gustafson in september. they also have a couple of brothers fighting this month and in august we only have 2 brothers left as championsin the UFC hopefully, tyron woodley or hector lombard can take the belt away from gsp or hendricks! fucking anderson man. lol, thank god for Jon jones, and dennis johnson. lol

  4. Marc-Lo on said:

    Hey, I wanted to send you a shoutout for actually having to put up with watching this shit, for the sake of our people. I know your spirit is vexed watching these damn devils handle their business, but its all for educating our own to stay the fuck away from these savage faggots.

    I work around these people and their kids, and it burns me up inside that I cant just go around slaughtering them, like I’d love to do.

  5. So……… How about those Lakers ?

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