White Male Killed His Grandmother Before Breaking Into Other Home Naked

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savage and his grandmother


The barbarian on the left was arrested on charges of killing his grandmother, they ugly witch on the right, in her Ocoee home Tuesday night, according to authorities.

Law enforcement officials said they arrested Shawn Fortner, 27, about 40 miles away in Sumter County. They said he was captured near Wildwood where he tried to burglarize a home while he was naked.

An arrest affidavit shows Fortner cut a family member from whom he was trying to grab a knife at another home in Sumter County.

Crime scene investigators spent the night at 62-year-old Phyliss France’s home after she was found dead.

Members of the joint homicide investigation team said it was just after 4 p.m. Tuesday they received a call from France’s husband to check on the home after a witness called him about a commotion.

One neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said cops were regularly called to the home “for the last two or three years, since they moved in over there.”

Fortner the grandmother killer lived in the home and neighbors said he was constantly fighting with his grandparents, and even being violent.

“I’m surprised they haven’t killed one another sooner,” said the neighbor.

Investigators won’t say how Phyliss France was killed, but some neighbors said they heard a loud noise.

“We heard, I hear a bang, but I didn’t pay any attention to it,” said a neighbor. “I said, ‘Well what was that? Maybe a backfire.'”

The barbaric crackaroach was also charged with burglary, battery, and fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer in Sumter County.

He was booked into the Sumter County Detention Center without bail.

As soon as Orlando law enforcers get the arrest warrant, they will extradite Fortner to Orange County.

Orlando cops have still not formally charged him with murder to bring him back to Orange County.

Local media talked to the family member who called 911. He said he warned Fortner’s grandma a few days ago that he could snap.

The family member believes Fortner’s bipolar disorder caused him to beat his grandmother to death inside her Ocoee home.

The family member said Fortner’s grandmother tried to raise him right, but that hope had been running out.

Fortner did not answer the judge when asked to identify himself but he did speak up when deputies asked the judge to hold Fortner without bond.

“I don’t want bond,” Fortner told a judge Wednesday afternoon, less than 24 hours after law enforcement officials said he murdered his grandmother.

The judge said he wouldn’t have granted bond anyway.

After the brutal beating, Fortner the savage drove to Sumter County where he ran into Terry France’s Wildwood home without any clothes.

Terry France is a distant relative.

“What kind of state of mind was he in?” asked the judge.

“Crazy,” France said.

Fortner savagely tried to grab a knife from France’s hand.

“He grabbed my wrist, but I wasn’t letting go of that knife, not with him,” France said.

The cops chased him until he surrendered at an intersection a few miles away. They  should have shot that honk!

Past cop reports show disturbing warning signs in Fortner’s barbaric behavior.

In 2010, Fortner’s girlfriend told law enforcers she was scared to go home because he poured paint on her car.

Officers searched the house and found a large butcher knife stabbed into the wall.

Last year, a report shows officers found Phyliss France locked in her car. She said she could not stand Fortner’s behavior anymore.

One week later, he threatened to slit his girlfriend’s throat.

Terry France said he wishes Fortner had gotten help before he killed Phyliss France.

“She was always doing everything for him even when she shouldn’t have been,” Terry France said.

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

6 comments on “White Male Killed His Grandmother Before Breaking Into Other Home Naked

  1. I see nothing new today, must be a slow news day.

  2. Soforeal on said:

    What a loving family.

  3. EyesWideOpen on said:

    It’s so clear to me now that all these psychobabble labels like “bipolar” “schizophrenic, “manic depressive” etc that are almost excusively suffered by caucanderthals are just bullshit excuses to hide the fact that these creatures are demons in human form. Some of them simply hide it better than others. The ones who can’t hide it they label with some stupid “disorder”.

    There’s only one disorder when it comes to crackaroaches and that’s DEMON POSSESSION.

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