Diabolical Terrorist Kills 2 White Males With A Machete

luciferian wth machete



Two savages are dead after being attacked by this satanist armed with a machete at a Fort Smith home, according to law enforcement.

Cops said Nathan Young, 32, and Brandon Prince, 39, were stabbed to death, near the intersection of North 16th and North D Street in Fort Smith, before 10 p.m. Wednesday (June 26).

When law enforcement arrived they said they found Prince’s body on the front porch and Young’s  body in the grass on the west side of the home.

Cops arrested Gregory Aaron Kinsey, 20, in connection to the murders.

An eyewitness said he was on the front porch of the duplex having a beer with the two victims when Kinsey the luciferian terrorist was seen walking in the alley next to the home with grocery bags in his hands.

According to court documents, the diabolical pale killer said he was walking back from the Dollar Store when he thought he saw a person who used to date his mother. While looking through a backyard, Kinsey the demon said he was confronted by three people who wanted to know why he was there.

The pale terrorist and the victims exchanged words and evil crackaroache pulled out a machete to warn them, the documents state.

Kinsey the ruthless killer told investigators he didn’t think the honks would let him go so he started swinging the machete, striking two of them. The honks backed away, but the terrorist told police he pursued them and hit one of them in the alley, according to court documents.

The eyewitness told law enforcers he struck Kinsey on the head with a wood board and Kinsey then fled from the scene.

Kinsey told investigators he had a “clear mind” and once the fight started “it was like he was watching a movie,” the affidavit for probable cause states.

Prince’s two children, 15, and 2, were inside the home at the time. A witness described the horror of seeing them scream for their father after the murders. The children were temporarily taken into DHS custody until their mother or another relative can be located.

The gruesome scene was described by cops as something “out of a horror movie.”

Sgt. Daniel Grubbs with the Fort Smith Law Enforcement Department said another witness said he knew the demonic killer’s mother and eventually led officers to South 17th street where he was found in his mother’s garage-style apartment. Officers say they also seized the machete believed to be used in the attack from that home.

Kinsey the luciferian had no prior connection to the two victims and does not have a previous record, according to Sgt. Grubbs. When asked what caused the altercation to escalate into such a brutal attack Grubbs said, “You can’t explain evil behavior like that.”

According to Grubbs, another witness said he heard the suspect during the argument make mention of “Satan that’s within him.”  

Satan is, without the shadow of a doubt, within every single crackaroache!

A Fort Smith prosecutor responding to the scene told officers he plans to charge Kinsey with two counts of Capital Murder. Kinsey is currently being held in the Sebastian County Detention Center.

He is expected to be arraigned at 9 a.m. on July 3 on two counts of capital murder, according to Cpl. Patricia Sullivan.

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

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    The Purge #2

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