4-Month-Old Girl Dies After Her White Mother Encourages Her Barbaric Boyfriend To Rape Her Daughter

jessica lynn howell
Typical White Mother: Jessica Lynn Howell


Prosecutors in St. Charles County have charged the “white” mother of an infant girl with abuse and second degree murder stemming from an incident last December.
The barbaric and whitemarish details were released Monday.

In an amended complaint against Jessica Lynn Howell, 25, prosecutors now allege that she knew her boyfriend, Jordan Lafayette Prince, had previous convictions for sexual offense against a minor.

Ruthless Pedophile: Jordan Lafayette Prince

Prince is currently awaiting trial for first degree murder in the death of four-month-old Ashlynn Lilith Peters on December 3, 2012. Investigators allege that Prince strangulated Ashlynn after savagely raping her.

The complaint against Ashlynn’s mother, Jessica Howell, alleges she had sent text messages to Prince suggesting her willingness to allow him to engage ruthlessly rape Ashlynn.

“In those text messages she suggested and encouraged some unspeakable things,” St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar said.

“It is very, very disturbing.” BUT TYPICALLY A HONKISH BEHAVIOR!

The complaint goes on to allege that Howell took Ashlynn to Prince’s home to spend the night at the time Ashlynn was murdered.

It was a trailer at Deerfield Village in St. Charles County. Neighbors said they were shocked.

“I saw them take the baby in and out, but you never imagine something like that is going on,” John Ezell said.

“I am glad she is charged.”

Howell is in custody and held on $1 million bond. She will be arraigned Tuesday morning.

Prince remains in custody as he awaits trial for Ashlynn’s murder.

Neighbors said they hope both are convicted.
“I hate to see baby killers go free,” Ezell said.


This story should not be surprising for those who study crackaroaches. Raping and killing babies is one of their favorite hobbies. Honks will even joke about it.

Here’s a few so called “jokes” that are quite revealing about these honks’ mindset:

  • What do you get when you dislocate a dead baby’s jaw?
    Deep Throat.
  • How do you stop a baby from choking?
    Take your dick out of its mouth.
  • What’s the best thing about a Siamese twin baby?

They even dedicated a website for such atrocities: http://dead-baby-joke.com

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

6 comments on “4-Month-Old Girl Dies After Her White Mother Encourages Her Barbaric Boyfriend To Rape Her Daughter

  1. Those “jokes” alone should get a person beat. But WTF are white people’s major malfunction. What is their fascination with screwing babies? You know what, just hang these two.

  2. Umoja on said:

    I’m glad there’s such a site as this one that exposes these savages for what and who they are. If the world only knew….sigh.

  3. mgarvey on said:

    they only got arrested because the infant died. I am sure this is going right now in many other places

  4. Princess Rodman on said:

    Need we see more CA?

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