White Female Lawyer From England Says That The Age Of Consent For Sex Should Be Lowered At 13 To Stop Old Men Abuse Persecutions

Barbara-Hewson_2557992b   Take a good look at this blond-haired, blue-eyed creature. It’s name is Barbara Hewson. This luciferian from England, is a leading barrister at  Hardwicke chambers in London, who said a couple of weeks ago that the age of consent for sex should be lowered to 13 year old to end the “persecution of old men” in the wake of the Jimmy Savile sex crimes against underage boys and girls.

The blond barbarian also called for the end of anonymity for complaints. The lawyer, who specializes in reproductive rights also claimed crimes committed by disgraced broadcaster Stuart Hall were ”low level misdemeanors”.

The pedophiles’ advocate shamelessly stood by her comments as she quoted François-Marie Arouet, the 18th century philosopher, in her bid to defend her “opinion”.

Her whitemarish comments come as Scotland Yard operates Operation Yewtree, an investigation split into three inquiries into allegations involving deceased pedophile presenter Jimmy Savile, involving Savile and others and those involving just others.

A number of high-profile figures have been arrested under Yewtree such as entertainer Rolf Harris, former pop star Gary Glitter, DJ Dave Lee Travis, comedian Jim Davidson and PR guru Max Clifford. All deny any wrongdoing. Of course they do! Pedophilia is natural to honks! It’s their culture…

Hewson argued that ”the post-Savile witch-hunting of ageing celebs echoes the Soviet Union” and says that it is not difficult to see why some elderly defendants ”conclude that resistance is useless”.

She added: ”But the low-level misdemeanours with which Stuart Hall was charged are nothing like serious crime.”

”Ordinarily, Hall’s misdemeanours would not be prosecuted, and certainly not decades after the event.

”What we have here is the manipulation of the British criminal-justice system to produce scapegoats on demand.

It is a grotesque spectacle.” She continued: ”It’s time to end this prurient charade, which has nothing to do with justice or the public interest.

” The barrister added: ”Instead, we should focus on arming today’s youngsters with the savoir-faire and social skills to avoid drifting into compromising situations, and prosecute modern crime.

”As for law reform, now regrettably necessary, my recommendations are remove complainant anonymity, introduce a strict statute of limitations for criminal prosecutions and civil actions and reduce the age of consent to 13.”

Hewson argued that ”touching a 17-year-old’s breast, kissing a 13-year-old, or putting one’s hand up a 16-year-old’s skirt” are not comparable to cases such as the Ealing Vicarage rape or Fordingbridge gang rape and murders from 1986.

She added: ”Anyone suggesting otherwise has lost touch with reality.”

Hewson also labelled charities such as the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) and the National Association for People Abused in Childhood (Napac) as ”moral crusaders” who have infiltrated Yewtree.

Today, she stood by her article. “Good journalists stand by what they write and so do I,” she said in a statement to The Daily Telegraph.

“Like Voltaire, we must defend the right to express our opinions. Incidentally I have had a wave of polite emails from strangers saying how much they appreciated my piece in spiked.”

She had earlier posted on Twitter how she was the subject of abuse from users in the wake of her article.

Mark my words, honks will soon normalize pedophilia and claim that being a pedophile is a sexual orientation. Soon you will start to hear the word: PEDOPHOBE…  What’chu gonna do when honks run wild on your children!!

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

2 comments on “White Female Lawyer From England Says That The Age Of Consent For Sex Should Be Lowered At 13 To Stop Old Men Abuse Persecutions

  1. Okay, let me get this sorted out in my head. Lower the age of consent so that sexual criminals will no longer be criminals . With that logic let’s raise how much alcohol a person can drink before they are considered too drunk to drive. Then what you’ll have is a road full of dead people and young children growing up sexually sewered by old men. Okay, that makes sense.

  2. Umoja on said:

    The secret agenda of these savage beast…..pedophilia abolished, sex with children legal. That’s the hidden agenda; also the hidden agenda for the fierce agenda to push the sexual deviance of homosexuality today—-access to children.
    They’ll rationalize bestiality in the near future also…..
    There you have it folks…..honks are your sexual deviant terrorist of the Earth……as proven on these pages.

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